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Her picture from Facebook
This is the culprit's first response on AVfM's article exposing the male-hating (misandry) by Jenna Myers Karvunidis.Her brag post made about all men being pedophiles or potential sexual abusers..Bare in mind also that this cretin is a married woman with children and ofcourse just another feminist, a tag which automatically allows and encourages the freedom for anyone to attack this woman for her membership of and to a male hating hegemony plus it also demonstrates that without doubt she will carry with her the load of hysteria and unlimited accumulated false information and derogatory mindset that all feminists have. In other words, she is open to comments, personal assessment on her mindless ranting, if necessary as well as being named, as she has decided to be a feminists, which survives on humiliating and abusing all men and boys. She will get back what she has been dishing out..

What goes round, comes round, poetic justice at work for all the right reasons..

jennamk in reply to Paul Elam
If you If you are really angry about my post, please just remove the copy of it. It has been gone from my site within 24 hours of you becoming upset. That is victory for you, just rejoice.
Why are you perpetuating the negativity you reportedly hate by keeping my profile up? I took it down the post and will never blog about it again. I’m not a huge blogger, just a stay-at-home-mom with NO agenda, no hate.

First we have that typical "I thought about it and I didn't realise that I was such as arsehole that someone would actually say something about it because I am a woman and I can do whatever I like..
jennamk in reply to Paul Elam
I don’t understand. I removed the offending post, why are you still angry? Why do I have a profile on this site with murders if all I did was write ONE blog post, that I removed within 24 hours of you becoming offended?
I’m terrified for my life at this point. When this was just banter yesterday, I fought back, but now I’m so scared for my family because all these forums are talking about violence against me. PLEASE remove this. I’m just a housewife with a little blog. I have no agenda to harm you.
How can you promote peace when I am literally terrified to continue living my home? I’m a nobody. I’m just a mom and I will NEVER EVER blog about this topic or my family or even feminism again. I’m so scared.
PS- I did write a second post that I thought would make things better, but it was only live for a matter of hours before I decided to just it alone. I am not trying to harm you and it was never my intention.

Next we have the usual false claims of the possibility of abuse, being frightened about something that will not happen or claiming that it had, the best intentions in the world. She has apparently frightened herself as no one, anywhere has even remotely made any such claim or call. But does it actually relent, Think again. Appealing to chivalry and lying about her motives where all she has to do is apologise with an article and admit that she was wrong by putting the record straight about her made up statistics of 99% of all men are rapists or child molesters, a typical feminist unsubstantiated lie..
Paul Elam in reply to Atlas Reloaded
I think when she sees her RH profile and all the pieces start coming together in her tiny little head, that you will get to see her paradigm unravel like a psychotic ferret.

And ofcourse we have that total attitudinal change as the begging and grovelling did not work as planned so it's onto the next stage of threats and legal action..

jennamk in reply to Izzey Oh, I’ve already contacted my lawyer. Don’t you worry about me, sweetcakes. What you all have done is called slander.

Obviously isn't aware that there is a difference between slander and libel and has to be corrected due to her ignorance of both..

Slander would be speech. You meant to say libel. I would get a new lawyer if he told you written words are slander, he’s not very good at his job.
And no one slandered or libelled you. We pointed out where you lied and how you lied. Libel and slander have to be factually wrong.
I haven't had this much fun since I heard of the demise of Dworkin and let me tell you that made my day. But, as you can see. The ignorant feminist cretin is finally rewarded for her misandry with a lifelong entry on and anyone looking up her name will come up with her entry for being a bigot and the reason for that judgement. This is the fruit of labour for feminists whenever and wherever they falsify information, make incorrect statements, male bash at will, try and destroy men's credibility and promote their hatefest without limit or conscience. Keep it up and you will be next, it's that simple. Vilify men at your own risk. This is just the beginning..

I highly recommend that you have a good look at the over 300 comments on AVfM site on this article..

Jenna Myers Karvunidis article..

Paul Elam in reply to Pierce Harlan
Thank you Pierce, but you are far too kind. None of this requires genius. In fact, it is embarrassingly easy.
The world is so full of this kind of bigotry, as you well know, that it is easier to find than dirty streets in Newark.
All we are doing here is standing up and saying, “Fuck this.” I hope the bitch does sue. I hope she hires Alan Fucking Dershowitz. I simply don’t care. I will take anything they do and use it to draw more attention to the hate and lies people like her are spreading.
None of that is genius. It isn’t even particularly gutsy. It’s just long overdue.