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Yes, we know..
Unless you have lived on the planet Zog for the better part of your life you would have noticed how the mating game has changed. Changed to such a degree that the desperation of the opposite sex is plainly and clearly demonstrated via endless moaning and whining about their failed efforts as they refuse to adjust to being reasonable and also the desperation demonstrated by older women chasing younger lads which works a treat apparently for at least six months and it's time to move on and it's mostly the lads who has had enough. Who wants to live with mother, right.,

Females have been informed, nee brainwashed into thinking that men are that desperate to find a partner and they are the only option as far as they can see. It fails to cross their minds that Men have been released from that duty and now have a few extra option they never had before, the main one is to be single and going your own way without the threat of state or judicial interference. To a fair amount, this appears to be a viable option as the word spreads that the shackles no longer have to be fastened and a lifetime of servitude can be avoided as well as the reaming one receives via the courts when the "till death do us part" princess decides times up and it's pay up time..

Men have until recently as in the past assumed that women were what they used to be, a caring and sharing individual who life blossomed when children played at her feet and the picket fence just received a fresh coat of paint. They have been told otherwise by a bunch of lying harpies and lesbians whose intent was to destroy that partnership regardless of the damage caused and women have swallowed it whole as it came with the promise that their lifestyle would improve as they would no longer have to do the dishes and change nappies. Conned and lied to, they now have new realisation to face up to, it's all changed and the sun don't shine from their anatomy anymore..

Poor things really, they have a major education coming but prefer to just keep their heads in the sand as long as they can, their astrologist did not advise them.. 

Meanwhile, by the way of an example " New Zealand has 50,000 unmarried bachelors (ave.Income 60,000) compared to 25,000 of the same in the female population(income unknown). Even that ratio is not tempting enough to even consider tying the knot. Men today are sick to death of the selfish, self serving attitude of today's females and they are now witnessing that inevitable rejection..
Dalrock describes how courtship has changed in the last 50 years, resulting in women ratcheting up their standards to ridiculous levels, making the search very costly for men:
Women traditionally were able to bask in the courtship process because they were the center of attention and men bore the financial, emotional, and social costs of the selection process.  What men typically find grueling women find delightful.  However, in cultures with traditional courtship men perceive the rewards to be high (lifetime commitment).  In addition, in such cultures the risks are moderated by rules of decorum and formal and informal pressure on the woman to minimize the number of men she allows to court her. While the average woman might wish to be courted by 50 men, the average man is in no position to bear the expense of courting 50 women in order to find a wife.
Ever since the beginning of the sexual revolution women have perceived the incentive to prolong courtship in one way or another.  The old rules no longer restricted them from extending the courtship period or required them to keep their lifetime commitment, and many men initially continued to play by the old set of rules.  This is at the very heart of choice addiction
 Screwed either Way..