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The Delusion Women Continue to Perpetuate

From the MGTOW site, link on title..

Absolutely, women mature sometime soon..
I am at a loss why the media would promote +30 year old women as being the perfect example of womanhood and one they prefer to expose as the best option. My guess would be that the general consensus amongst feminists is that they do not want to see any female in any relationship, permanent or otherwise, until they can poison their minds first. It was the case in the past that relationships just happened, when you met someone who made you behave silly, whose presence would have such an affect that one had to physically restrain oneself or make some extra effort to not run out the door. This obviously indicated that there was some chemical reaction and physical response involved but it required both to have that affect and bingo, off they went and did their thing. This applies nicely to both males and females as I have heard both sides of the story, way too often..

The penchant now is for women to work in the slave trade (the office) and do all those nifty things like party, travel, fornicate until they are thirty and then consider the next step, which is ofcourse, the picket fence and spawning. Unfortunately there are quite a few problems with that aim, goal and target..

Thirty year old women are already three years past their prime breeding apex. which according to those that know, is indeed when a female is precisely twenty seven years old and nothing short of a miracle will change that natural phenomenon..
A thirty something female would be looking to settle with an older male preferably within five years plus of her own DOB, will totally refuse to marry down or even sideways if she can help it as she is now planning to spawn and requires an atm or some sucker to foot the expenses bill as she has blown hers on travel, partying clothes and possibly, surgery, to enhance those bumps which will sooner than later, fail to defy gravity..
Where is your ATM card dear..
The male in question, at that age, is looking for someone a little tighter, smoother in the rear and capable of producing spawn without the drama of being past the use by date..

Plus the men in question have already witnessed or been part of a previous divorce court reaming or have a relative who has gone through the same who may or may not be above ground, he may have a problem doing it all over again. As a matter of fact, the way things are panning out, men are going their own way rather than behaving in the predetermined fashion of yesteryear and in most cases at that age they are avoiding any attempt of walking down the isle with more major resistance brewing. So good luck girls, should have stayed with that one back at college or work a decade back cause you don't have that same sex appeal now..

See the problem. One side we have feminists who are loathed to not only give out good advice as they never have; will continually flood the market with their drivel that no thinking individual should even contemplate.
Feminists are hardly experts on marriage or kids or relationships or humans for that matter but they do  claim to be. They make demands on females to continue working until they either die of exhaustion or retire, whichever comes first and the need for her to even consider a relationship or breeding is foreign to those cretins but try they do and to some degree, as we can read in the media, when some dimwitted  female finally wakes up and realises that she has been conned and screwed over, good..

Conned and screwed over good = FALT (Feminists are like that)

Feminists are basically marketing women, they have made women a commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder while they claim to be the nurse who is there to care for their health and wellbeing. What a con job, this is the same crowd that lied about the "50 is the new 30" that was so believable that it generated the "Cougar" desperation generation, so there is your answer. Already pre-packaged, wrapped and presented in it's brutal, senseless form as a reminder that feminists have the exact same affect women do when they unwisely state "it's your child" while the DNA test is in progress..

Fascinating and from my POV, it will be an absolute riot to watch as tragedy always introduces the best comedy. We watch and wait for the inevitable outcome and the carnage it will leave for another generation of guidable females who would rather fantasise than face reality..