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Neither metaphor nor simile be but oxymoron(s) runs supreme. A great example of an oxymoron would have to be the "good feminist" title that Jared has just composed in a new article on AVfM called "When "Good" Feminists Do Nothing". Not intentionally ofcourse but to explain the obvious and blatant hypocrisy that term represents. One may as well say "a cute child murderer" or a pretty "male student rapist". To even suggest that there may be a different level of feminism and then grade them according to standards of behaviour. One would be better off checking their sexual preferences rather than their political rumination and to see if they were indeed even capable of performing such a function. Feminist doctrine is contradiction itself and this probably explains why feminists wander off into their own preferred version in the "Make it up as you go Feminism" mentality as most  of them wallow in that as they can only discuss feminist doctrine by including the disclaimer of "I believe it means...".

How many times have you been shut down by ignorant feminist lackeys whose comprehension of that mishmash of useless contradiction would easily fit in a thimble, it's responses are standard responses, learnt verbatim and if listened to, stated with mechanical malice that Jessica Valenti used when it did those "Fuck you friday something or another"..
Jessica Valenti.. 
Every Friday, we post a video about something notably positive or negative in the news that week — the Friday Feminist Fuck You/Fuck Yeah. Feministing is ...
The child had the warmth of a brick and the appropriate malice suited to that hate movement. AN ideal match really.The endless moaning, bitching and hysterical whining it assaulted the public with was nothing short of embarrassing and childish. It was akin to watching a spoilt child thrashing around on the floor because it couldn't blow out all the candles on her "I am a princess" cake..

But Jared also generated another fabulous article on that hate movement and referred to their endless passion for finding destructive ways of abusing and discrimating against man and boy at will via all those nasty, anti-male laws that feminists produced and forced into the judiciary via enabling males and females who were uninterested in common law or even a fair trial according to common law which was fought for over a thousand years ago by men ofcourse, has been in place ever since. Feminists have removed the "innocent until proven guilty" part and replaced it with (for men only) "guilty until otherwise determined" law in place on campuses right now (you can thank Obama for that).

A sample..
Feminism at it's Core.
Jared White, AVfM. 
To this day since its conception, there are many that would deny feminism is a hate movement. To an average twenty something guy, feminism is a group of women who did some good things for the female population but are annoying and complain about men too much. An average twenty something girl knows little about feminism and most of the time will say it is something good that got women the right to vote. Sometimes I find it amazing that even though feminism has existed for over half a century most of the general public know little to nothing about it. Normally when someone is opposed to a specific ideology or political group this situation would be exactly what they want. They would want the public to know as little about whatever it is they are against so that turning people away would be all too easy. 
I don’t think so.
Normal people usually need a reason to go out of their way to do something time consuming like research. They need a cause. I guarantee that anyone who identifies as some “ism” or activist was pushed into that role through a series of events that gave them cause to do so. That is when the research began because something they cared about was at stake.
Men and women have been hearing about the supposed evils of men all of their lives, for countless centuries. Why should hearing about it now from some domestic violence organization, or rape awareness organization, or college course make any difference?
Does it upset men to hear that they are the primary cause for the suffering of women? Sure. But most guys just view that message as women bitching about nothing and go on with their lives. But there are some who call the propagators of this message out on their bigotry. It doesn’t really amount to anything though. What normal guy is really going to go up against an organization publicized for helping women who are victims of domestic violence? 
This is how feminism hides.
There are many organizations out there dedicated to helping women, and women only, but they are not called feminist organizations. They hold several different names. If every average guy knew that each and every one of these organizations operated under the banner of feminism then they would have a target with which to focus their retaliation to the discriminatory messages these feminists put out.
But not enough people know and therefore the first thing that pops into someone’s mind when asked about feminism is “women getting the right to vote”. A sad fact of that matter is feminism didn’t even get women the right to vote but still this one thing is what solidifies the common perspective feminism holds in the minds of the people.
I have made the argument that a movement, even one born on the premise of justice, can still be a hate movement because of the actions of its members. I still stand by that argument and it is my main focal point when declaring feminism a hate movement against men. However, regardless of how many people I get this point across to, there are still those that hold out, believing that the movement can still be changed from within. 
I write this now to put that belief to rest.
As with every movement there are certain values that make up its core. The beliefs those who created the movement hold and expect all who join to follow. Almost everyone I know within the MRM knows what the core beliefs of feminism are but this message is not for MRAs. This message is for the average, unaffiliated men and women who happen to read this article. This message is for the good, bad, moderate, radical, anti-this, and pro-that feminists who actually accept that there is misandry within their movement but refuse to believe that misandry is large enough to deserve resistance. Here are the core values of the feminist movement and the irrefutable proof that the hatred of men is not only exclusive to many of the members of the feminist movement but is indeed the very essence and foundation of the movement itself.