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Dealing with the usual feminist lies and exaggerations..

Penguin population deteriorating rapidly..
After reading an article on Betty Frieden I realised that maybe I may have suffered the same "all feminist leaders of that hate movement are just lunatics" observation as that general consensus does apply to the majority as we can witness today. Only the rare exception do arise and Betty is apparently one of those according to John the Other in an article concerning her entry on which by the way can now claim that not just anyone is included on just a whim. That inclusion has to be substantiated and proven beyond doubt (an honourable action that feminists are incapable of) and Betty gets a reprieve as she is relegated under another title..

Why isn’t Betty Friedan on
The other item that drew my attention was this article as it once again demonstrates again what compulsive liars feminists really have been and are habitually. Many times have we heard the "Women forced into sex" rant, especially at that time of year when either the Superbowl is on or the European Soccer finals get started, out they come with the same lies and misinformation which surely they must realise is just way too difficult to even comprehend as the facts are missing or to swallow as the evidence is just not there..

So these type of studies just once again rules them out of the debate and demands they treat the public like adults instead like 3 years olds..

Majority of sex workers 'not forced or trafficked'

Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor
The majority of sex workers questioned believe that working conditions were better than in other occupations and gave them more free time.
Other perceived advantages cited in the government-funded study include "the possibility of meeting interesting people", travelling and the ability to help their families.
But six per cent of women questioned in the study, which was conducted among "off-street" prostitutes in central London, had been "deceived and forced" into selling sex without any control over their work.
Several of these are said to have voluntarily continued prostitution after being freed by police from their oppressors. Other negative factors cited in the study include the stigma of working in prostitution, which forced them to lead a "double life", and the risk of robbery, violence and sexually transmitted diseases.
The most contentious finding, which is likely to anger anti-trafficking campaigners, is that few prostitutes working in the capital are forced to sell sex.
The study, carried out by Dr Nick Mai of London Metropolitan University and funded by the Government's Economic and Social Research Council, states: "The large majority of migrant workers in the UK sex industry are not forced or trafficked.
"Working in the sex industry is often a way for migrants to avoid the unrewarding and sometimes exploitative conditions they meet in non-sexual jobs."
The research also covered men and nine transgendered people selling sex in London. The women worked as escorts or strippers and the men were largely escorts.
We're in the money, we're in the money..

 Straight form the horses mouth, so to speak..

Executive Summary
Interviews with 100 migrant women, men and transgender people working in all of the main jobs available within the sex industry and from the most relevant areas of origin (South America, Eastern Europe, EU and South East Asia) indicate that approximately 13 per cent of female interviewees felt that they had been subject to different perceptions and experiences of exploitation, ranging from extreme cases of trafficking to relatively more consensual arrangements. Only a minority, amounting approximately to 6 per cent of female interviewees, felt that they had been deceived and forced into selling sex in circumstances within which they had no share of control or consent.

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