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“Make it up as you go”, Feminism..

I have on over a hundred different occasions in the past,been approached by female feminists who felt the need to present their versionof that hate movement they justify as being reasonable and try their hardest topaint it in a different light, even present a new artificially polished sheento cover the rot inside. Apparently, that brain numbing and abusive doctrinehas finally crossed some imaginary line they perceived as being unacceptable intheir opinion, short of whatever it is they determine to be correct; their ownversion of feminism was somehow transgressed and felt the need to justify thatnot only to themselves but to everyone else. One does have to question how farthey had to lower their moral and ethical barometer to accommodate this type ofpathological, soul destroying narcissist doctrine and also to what level hadthat movement finally succumbed for those ground feeding individuals to finallycome to realisation that the hate movement they are supporting is not what theyimagined to be as one contradiction after another appears, supporting an everincreasing hypocrisy this movement thrives on. But, like an addict, they still identify themselves with the “f” wordeven though they disagree with more issues than they accept but it's apparentlyirrelevant when one considers the level of malice, vindictiveness and clearlydemonstrated misandry it already promotes..

Spotting violence and hate.
Violenceis a foundation of modern feminism. I have argued this for a long time; thatviolence and hatred form feminism’s ideological core. While many men’s rightsadvocates will agree, to the general public, the ideology claiming to pursuethat moving goal of equivalence is still seen as good, noble, and diligentlyegalitarian.

I automatically write off anyone that identifies themselvesas a feminist as their only approach is always ever to try and justify thatdoctrine without any consideration to the amount of damage it has slowly butgradually introduced into society, the lives it has destroyed, or the hate itencourages, it is akin to an addiction as nothing appears to be able toconvince these fanatics otherwise, factual or examples, yet they have noinbuilt resistance as one would have in the likes of any former inmates fromAuschwitz would their torturers or anyone else would when approached bymale(KKK) or female(WKKK) wearing a white gown and that pointy hat, bearingthat farcical burning cross. The saying “You are either for me or against me”applies to anyone who finds solace and comfort in a hegemony whose single aimis to financially, physical, psychologically and morally destroy all  men and boys and yet still state to that samesex that you are one of those proud avengers, one of their mindless drones whohas found a way to justify their own existence via hallucination, that somehowor somewhere there is justification for their biased, inane, inexplicable andobnoxious behaviour. If you're expecting some level of acceptance or validationfor your offensive behaviour then you are definitely talking to the wrong sex..   

Manual Dexter..
Feminism capitalizes on ourbuilt-in wiring to protect women against threats. In a modern culture with acomparative absence of threats to women, feminist ideologues have drafted upthe endlessly shapable threat of “patriarchy” and all the attendant imaginedmanifestations of danger. They have instructed our culture that men, the doersof the human race, are the source of all evil. Once identified as enemy – theviolence at feminism’s core can be easily expressed while avoiding publicrecognition. The significant difference separating feminism’s violence fromthat of well-recognized violent movements such as the Klan is that feminism’sviolence is largely indirect, rather than direct.

Bigfeminism is the ideology occupying the centre of public zeitgeist. I’ve madethis claim before, as have others. [1][2][3] The only reason feminism is evenidentifiable as a point of view separate from “common sense” is because it hasno end point, and keeps moving forward. Rather, the “goals” of feminism areslowly but endlessly expanding. No matter what advances are made on behalf ofwomen – it will never be enough, and new distortions of reality will beconjured which must be corrected by elevated affirmative action, funding, protectionsand so on.
Theviolence at feminism’s core will continue to be hidden behind language, andmis-attributed to that omnipresent bogeyman; the patriarchy. Violence is boththe centre of feminist doctrine – as well as the key to publicly discreditingan ideology of hate. Due to the dominance of public narrative by feministdoctrine, a perceptive block obscures comprehension of the violence thatdoctrine depends on and creates. This brings us to the need for some explicitdiscussion of just what constitutes violence.

Theconstant denial that feminists live under is there for all to witness and whatwill be the outcome you may ask. Here is just one example, a by-product thathate movement has introduced knowingly as their aims are not for anyone's benefitbut only for their own goals and targets to be achieved, Feminism will continueas there will always be issues to malign men about without considering and evenresisting any efforts by men to level the playing field. Feminists do not inany way bother with the fact that they are endangering  people’s lives by falsely accusing one sex ofviolence while promoting the female sex to violence. They want an endless andgrowing situation where violence will increase one way or the other in order tomaintain and increase the billions they now receive from governments assubsidies but have no issues with sacrificing males and females in order toachieve their own goals of totalitarianism and control via any method as thatensures their Marxist outcome..