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One observation that I have made over quite a few years is that females are not only loathed to admit that their sex are even more devious and damaged than they thought they were but they refuse to believe that that result is reached by just scratching the surface with a sponge. Women apparently live in constant denial about their own sex and will go out of their way, using all their shaming and vilification techniques, normally saved for precisely this type of situation, to beat down anyone who has the temerity to expose the truth. You would have come across this yourself a copious amount of times. Any attempt at criticising a female for any reason, regardless of whatever law she has broken, will defend her actions like she would automatically defend her shopping fixation (don't mention the shoes though)..

Regardless of facts, justification will be forthcoming whenever any topic is raised regarding either murder of husbands, murder of children, theft, divorce, any type of abuse, endless lying in the courts or even wilful injury like severing penises. This Osbourne-esque mentality reigns in the mind of just about any woman and she will find some way to justify it without even knowing the facts and neither do they even have to bother with such trivialities , as they have already been declared to be, the perfect witness in any court case and do not even require any corroboration, witnesses or confirmation at all. Ask any judge in any family court in any western country. If it's uttered via the mouth of a female then it must be 100% correct as they never ever lie..

The current situation and one that is recognised by those astute (have to keep my job at any cost) politicians as well are these two basic rules, two unbreakable, written in stone, fundamental rules that apply to female voters..

1. Never criticise a woman..
2. Never disallow any additional funding for their latest grievance..

I would highly recommend that funds be released to study and expose the following flaws immediately..

The true extent of sexual abuse of children has been
acknowledged only recently. In 1980 Mrazek estimated that
between one quarter and one third of all children have had at
least one sexual experience with an adult.' Much research has
confirmed the traditional view that sexual abuse is perpetrated
by men on women and girls: typically, over four fifths of
sexually abused children are female 2 and over 95% of abusers
are male.`6 But it seems that the numbers of sexually abused
boys and women perpetrators are being seriously underestimated:
found that two fifths of victims seen at
the Kempe Centre were boys,7 and Finkelhor and Russell
computed that women may account for up to 13% of the abuse
of girls and nearly one quarter of the abuse of boys.' Today the
medical profession is slowly and reluctantly having to
acknowledge that the prevalence of women who sexually
abuse children is greater than previously thought. Necessarily
the following discussion may shock some readers, but
professionals should be aware of the salient facts

Few studies have been reported on women sex abusers,
whether paedophiles in general (women who are sexually
aroused by children) or perpetrators of mother-son incest in
particular. Most reports take the form of single case histories,
usually with a psychoanalytical orientation.9 In attempts to
increase numbers within a sample different categories of
women abusers are sometimes grouped together: the
independent offender, the coabuser, and the accomplice. In a
study of 40 women abusers Faller found that their mean age
was 26 and that the mean age of the victims was 6.'0 Seventy
per cent of the victims were aged between 4 and 10, 20% were
younger than 4, and 10% were older than 10. Four fifths of the
perpetrators were mothers to at least one of their victims, and
three fifths had abused two or more children. Of 63 victims,
23 were boys.
In her study Faller found that the most common forms of
abuse perpetrated by women were fondling of a child's
genitals, oral sex, digital masturbation, and actual sexual
intercourse, in that order. In nearly half of the cases there
were at least two perpetrators and two or more victims, often
in polyincestuous family situations, with the abuse usually
initiated by men. "' In a review of 16 cases of mother-son incest
Margolin included examples of oral sex (mothers fellating
sons and encouraging them to perform cunnilingus) and
mutual masturbation. There were eight cases of sexual
intercourse: four of the boys were aged around 12, the
remainder being in their early and middle teens. One of the 12
year old boys was described as having an erection during
intercourse but not experiencing orgasm, while another
attained orgasm without ejaculation." In seven of the eight
cases of mother-son abuse reviewed by Krug the seduction

of prepubescent sons had been continued into early adolescence.'2
My clinical impression is that initial genital fondling
by mothers of prepubescent sons may develop over years into
full sexual intercourse as the boys grow and mature.

Doctors need to become sensitised to the extent of sexual

abuse by women, and research must be undertaken to identify
similarities and differences between men and women offenders
-especially with regard to the motivation to abuse, the
selection of victims, the efficacy of treatment, and the
propensity to abuse again. Despite the feminist tenet "No
penis, no harm," clearly sexual abuse can no longer be
considered the exclusive preserve of men.
Consultant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist