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I have just spent some time going over comments and an article about MRA's and the MM (Mens Movement) on In mala fida (meaning Undertaken in bad faith [latin]). The topic of this article is "Men’s Rights Activists Are Spineless Pussies".
An interesting article as you can imagine and I spent most of my time laughing at the inaneness of it all.  I could only really imagine an individual, one carrying his own little pine box to hoist himself on seeking oratory expulsion, wearing earplugs just incase someone stated anything that he could not argue against without being offensive or there may have been someone else's POV, be too confronting and he would have to pull up his little theatre box and go home..

The article does explain quite a few issues that I and many MRA's have spoken about in the past. Mainly, why it was so difficult to promote a movement that is solely concerned with giving all men and boys an equal ride with the law or reducing the negative and general societal attitude against all men which is building to a crescendo and that we should at least join together and put up some resistance before it was too late, before those laws were set in stone and more men and boys suffered or died (suicides) because of it's existence..

This attitude appears to be somewhat too difficult to comprehend as the most resistance to this movement is our own sex and it is startling to witness. Previously I posted an article from the Roissy site which took a swing at this movement as well and I did on that occasion decide that people were entitled to their own opinions as I cannot change anyone's thinking pattern, biases or preferences as that had to be self induced, that being the case I noted that whatever PUA's did was really up to them. Agree to disagree was the motto..

That all changed ofcourse by that recalcitrants article containing nothing more then abusive, hysterical rants that would have suited an eighteen year old feminist major, freshly out of gender studies and I use that example as I did come across a couple of comments from a few of those male hating feminists who stated they were looking forward to meeting these PUA's as they "knew" how to treat women on "how they should be treated" and that set off the alarm bells. Whenever feminists agree with anything men do then there is definitely a something askew.  PUA's can wrap their pussy begging attitude up into any parcel they want and rename it anyway they like but the end result will always be the same.

Here is some of that snarky smut and contemptible ranting, conspiracy theory anyone ?

The typical MRA is contemptible. Not only is he a slave, he works diligently to build his own torture chamber – which will house not only him, but also his fellow slaves and their slave children.

That’s right. In the name of parental love, you MRA’s perpetuate a system that grinds up America’s youth. Your sons become bastards and your daughters take to the pole.
I propose a new loyalty requirement: the true MRA must pay nothing – not one cent – of unmerited and extortionate alimony and child support. If he does, he is a traitor to men’s rights. He is no better than the Jews who helped Nazis kill Jews.
More of his delusional tripe here..Some of the comments are a good source of entertainment..

However, not everyone falls for the women-begging lifestyle as it does leave a lot to be desired. I have yet to meet one single man who spends his time chasing pussy, to ever be enjoying himself afterwards as the ongoing messaging, the emails and phone calls and endless abuse (when it goes wrong) is unrelenting, It costs him money just avoiding them..
 Everything has a downside and I have not heard a single word of praise pass his lips over the last five years which indicates that it's worth it, that thinking with his little head has caused him nothing but major issues. He knows better than to raise that crap with me..

A site worthy of attention on the opposing view on PUA thinking, actions and psychology also a great read. LIFESTYLE JOURNEY FOR MEN.

Paying For Sex Is More Alpha Than Using PUA Methods

• Paying money instead of using game means you don't have to change who you are. If you want to get laid, you just pay money, and your personality stays basically intact. So given a choice between the two, a truly alpha guy is more likely to just pay for sex than change parts of his personality in order to get women to have sex with him. Now some guys will say that going to prostitutes sucks because the woman doesn't actually like them, and is just doing it for money. To me, as long as I just want sex, it wouldn't matter to me anymore than if my mechanic likes me as a person. As long as he can properly service my car, that's all I really want. I'm not paying him to like me. I'm paying him to service my car, the same way I would pay a woman to satisfy me sexually. However, I would want her to respect me. That is important, the same way it's important that my mechanic respects my wishes with respect to my car.