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One does have to wonder how far back one can trace the early beginnings of feminism and where the hell they got their insane demands and ideas from. One would have imagined that the lunacy feminists have forced onto society would have conjured up by the current batch of lunatics as they have certainly scripted a sufficient amount of books and rants for that to be the case..

Apparently not. The "I am Woman" fantasy is not new and neither is the "women should not be held  accountable" gibberish either. The year is 1913 and the topic is ofcourse the privileged princesses..

The Fraud of Feminism's Introduction, a dynamite observation:
By Modern Feminism I understand a certain attitude of mind towards the female sex. This attitude of mind is often self-contradictory and illogical. While on the one hand it will claim, on the ground of the intellectual and moral equality of women and men, the concession of female suffrage, and commonly, in addition thereto, the admission of women to all professions, offices and functions of public life; on the other it will strenuously champion the preservation and intensification of the privileges and immunities before the law, criminal and civil, in favour of women, which have grown up in the course of the nineteenth century.

So the hypocrisy eventuated way back then, the double standards also surfaced as did the special privileges that women today have at the expense of all men and boys. This gets funnier as it goes along..

    The present volume aims at furnishing a succinct ex-posure of the pretensions of the Modern Feminist Move-ment.  It aims at presenting the case against it with anespecial view to tracking down and gibbetting the in-famous falsehoods, the conventional statements, which arenot merely perversions of the truth, but which are directlyand categorically contrary to the truth, but which passmuster by sheer force of uncontradicted repetition.  It isby this kind of bluff that the claims of Feminism aresustained.  The following is a fair example of the state-ments of Feminist writers:-- "As for accusing the world at large of fatuous indulgence for womanhood in general,the idea is too preposterous for words.  The true ' legends of the Old Bailey [ Central Criminal Court]' tell, not of womenabsurdly acquitted, but of miserable girls sent to the gallows formurders committed in half delirious dread of the ruthless-ness of hypocritical Society."  Now it is this sort of legendthat it is one of the chief objects of the following pagesto explode.  Of course the "fatuous indulgence" for"womanhood in general," practised by the "world atlarge," is precisely one of the most conspicuous features                             1
of our time, and the person who denies it, if he is notdeliberately prevaricating, must be a veritable Rip vanWinkle awakening out of a sleep lasting at least twogenerations.
So in reality, the lying feminists back in 1913 were spreading precisely the same lies and exaggerations the current range of women are spreading right now. This should and does indicate quite a few issues and the main one being that regardless of the special treatment and privileges that women have received, even way back then, they are still neither content or happy with their own lot in life and hanker after some imaginary fantasy that neither exists nor will ever exist..

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