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Is it really real..
One does have to wonder why feminists and women in general actually brag and boast about the fact that they "mature" earlier. I have often wondered why that would be something to be proud of. It's akin to bragging and boasting about failing an IQ test or coming up short in a competition which required no winners, just participation..

Scopenhauer explains this very nicely and even though this was written over 150 years ago, it still manages to identify the character and behaviour of women like it is today. Strange is it not, there has apparently not been an iota of difference developed or learnt over those 150 years that could be identified as being different. Interesting..
ON WOMEN. BY ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower is it in reaching maturity. Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is eight-and-twenty; woman when she is eighteen; but hers is reason of very narrow limitations. This is why women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling matters to the most important. It is by virtue of man’s reasoning powers that he does not live in the present only, like the brute, but observes and ponders over the past and future; and from this spring discretion, care, and that anxiety which we so frequently notice in people.
One also has to wonder how feminists can make the claim that "women can do anything a man can do" when women have clearly demonstrated they are incapable of doing so. A female will and can work within parameters of laws and guidelines quite easily, their is no question about that. They are very good at copying and remembering information as their brains are made in that fashion, the only problem they have is that they cannot think outside the square. Women have been given carte blanche over jobs and education positions, promoted over men because of their sex alone. The sexism does not stop there ofcourse, women have even stated they cannot compete with men on a level playing field so they bend the rules to benefit themselves as they have in all the services, schools, government positions and then turnaround and claim victory and what a fake and false, hollow, shallow victory it is..
They can move straight into a man's life right after they are married, be it plumber or physician. They do so with practised ease. They process their game-plan and outcomes at the same time. They profess to do two things and that is to love and till death do they part, both of which they break without notice or care. One does have to wonder whether women are actually capable of being in love or are they only capable of thinking they are. Moving from one relationship to another without a care in the world demonstrate that nicely..

Schopenhauer should be compulsory reading for every male over the age of puberty to save them from the heartache and pain those vixens will put them through without a care in the world as long as they win out in the end and the judiciary will ensure that outcome, guaranteed..