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Toys Imitating Life..
One may well ask, as that question surfaces more often than the female equivalent of "where have all the good men gone". The difference is ofcourse that as far as women are concerned, you don't exist if you're not wearing something with a designer label they can identify. With men it's physical to begin with for first contact but from there it goes via the "has it got any brains" department and also the "is it full of itself" analysis begins as soon as she picks up another call on the phone (when that happens I am gone, done that in the past, will do that again every time unless I am told it's an emergency)..
The women I tend to pick up for one nighter’s at nightclubs are skanky girls who are dumb, boring and obsessed with facebook and their own popularity/ego, they are not datable women but they are useful for me to get my rocks off.
In most cases the casual sex mentality appears to be the only response from today's female, they now have their own debt and are willing members of the 9-5 grind, so it does demonstrate precisely where and on what they spend their earned dollars (I was going to say hard earned but didn't want to lie). It would also go without saying that women are that turned on by Facebook, that it's growth could solely depend on their persistent and endless mutterings of minutiae, fifty times a day; either via phone or computer terminal. I have yet to speak to any female who does not have a Facebook page..

So the guy poses the question and at 23 years old, he is already disillusioned by the type of females available, making this an interesting argument. As of late it has been the unrelenting "where have the men gone" blathering or worse still, the "man up" finger pointing by delusional members of the feminist movement or some unrecognisable elitist wondering why they have their girlfriends complaining at forty, that they have not trapped a sucker yet or maybe it was Auntie Jill, the feminist, crying on the back porch where she's complaining about being that exact issue at forty, got no hubby or kids as her life ebbs towards menopause and the cats are malting all over the furniture, that must be so disappointing. So what does one do besides writing an article to try and change the upcoming norm where the lads are of the opinion that sharing a flat with a mate or living on your own, not having to deal with that menstrual cycle every month, no hysterics to deal with, can have a beer when you get home after a hard day's slog and play a couple of hours of Halo 2 without someone bitching and demanding your attention, would be a pretty damn clear option to take..

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