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I, as well as many others on this planet do wonder how people can support a movement that only introduces a negative maelstrom of options as well as promote downright hate against an entire sex without apology or justification. Feminists have repeatedly claimed to be for equality but in reality, all they have done is deconstruct both sexes into a state of confusion and introduced hate and malice as the by-product. Feminazies have deconstructed the male sex and derided them into third place after women and children and then has the audacity to claim it stands for equality. The joke is on everyone. They have deconstructed man and boy and reconstructed them to be wimps and hopeless manginas, just ask any feminised mangina wimps for confirmation although that truth will not be forthcoming..

The feminasties forced Larry Summers out of his position as head of Harvard for stating the obvious and that was that the brain structures were different between the sexes (refer Maths,science and technology section of the Nobel awards), a statement confirmed by one of their own feminist brain function experts in San Francisco as few years back (probably much to her own disgust but had the decency to declare it). But that did not stop a dose of "the vapours" totally overtaking one of those feminasties and Summers was removed under some false claim, as they do, was replaced by some nasty feminist and after only two years Harvard was ripped out of being the number one educational centre of the world and placed into second place. Another major achievement that students can thank  feminists for..Just Brilliant..

We all know what happens when a lying, hate movement takes over anything (the White House is a good example at the moment) the end result will never be advantageous to anyone. Feminists are unconcerned with the truth or facts as they prefer to manufacture their own and at the same time they want recognition for the hate and distortion they have introduced. I kid you not. I could not make this up. Feminists want radical feminists to be recognised for their efforts for introducing an "eqwalatee" movement and hailed as being saviours of the human race. They want accolades and admiration for the coercion, death threats, violence, bombings, abuse they have meted out to both men and women in the past. It's akin to the same stupidity they focus on that psychotic coward Dworkin (a former radical feminist). Radical feminists are no different and no less violent or reasonable even if they claim it to be the case at Harvard. I bet you think I am joking. Thanks to anon for sending the link as I am not quite sure whether it was for education or otherwise.

This would be akin to hailing and thanking Maggie, Indira, Golda and Katherine for starting wars. The same hypocrisy and it really is beyond the pail..

Do go to that site and offer some suggestions about what they can do to radical feminists..

Where Are the Radical Feminists?

We cannot forget this major movement.

If Harvard is committed to upholding the truth, then it must include a social movement that changed the lives and thoughts of Americans as part of the narrative it presents of the twentieth century. Maybe then we can finally revise a historical tradition that has forgotten its major actors.