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The endless "Hits Women Hardest" prank we have been assaulted with over the last few years is definitely wearing thin. When feminists state that wars hit women the hardest, one does wonder if those that died in it would rise up and bitch slap the moron who made that statement in this case I do believe it was Hitlary Clinton, feminist and lying sycophant member of that hate movement..

Everything hits women hardest.
I have been waiting for them to state that prostate cancer hurts women the most or husbands having heart attacks hit women the hardest as that would make just as much sense. It would also make as much sense as ensuring the majority of teachers are females even though statistics clearly states that women are the greater child abusers at double the ratio to men. How is that for hypocrisy and double standards. One hell of a great example of the PC "women only" employment policy introduced by feminists into the workplace over ten years ago, each and every job coming at the expense of men. Not aware of it, check your local government department under something women department or similar..

Living hits Women Hardest.
One mustn't forget the endless privileges women have derived from promoting that movement. One of the many benefits is the "no fault divorce" which some claim was installed for other ulterior motives but it does inevitably benefit women the most as they can and do decide when to toss in the the contract and rip off whatever they can in the process. Here is another few words explaining it a little differently..

Srila Prabhupada’s teachings on women and anti-feminism

First, the number of anti-feminism and men’s rights websites has increased dramatically over the past few years. Second, we see an increasing number of men who refuse to get married. As one man put it, “Why should I get married when it is such a bad business deal for men? Marriage has over a 50 percent chance of failure, and my wife can divorce me for no reason at all due to the no-fault divorce laws, and ruin me financially by taking at least half of my assets and income through the anti-male divorce courts. She can also destroy me emotionally by taking my children from me and not allowing me to ever see them again”.
Just think about it- right now , at this very moment, millions of men’s lives are being destroyed by women who have filed false domestic violence (DV) charges against them, or filed false rape accusations against them, or by their ex-wives who are destroy the man’s life financially through the feminist divorce courts and are destroying the man emotionally by not allowing their fathers to see their own children! Who in their right mind would want to get married in such a system?
Also, over 50 percent of American women are single, without a husband or boyfriend. I’m sure the statistics in other western countries are similar. So the vast amounts of single women is more evidence that a very large percent of men are refusing to get married.
Third, an increasing number of western men are going to traditional non-feminist countries in Asia and marrying traditional asian women. I think it is this third trend towards totally opting out of modern western marriage that is the biggest slap in the face to feminist western women. I’ve heard many bitter and angry western women criticizing asian women and the western men who marry them, but it’s clear that western women are simply jealous of asian women and cannot compete with them. In case you haven’t noticed by now, asian women tend to be a lot more feminine, petite, and humble than masculine arrogant western women.
And the majority of western men who are married to asian women testify that they are very happy, much happier than they ever were with western or American women.
And ofcourse, let's not forget the divorce angle and how women are hit hardest...
Here, Srila Prabhupada states the fact that most marriages end because of the woman, not the man. Statistics prove this fact, as 70 percent of divorces in America are initiated by women, not by men. We also see that in most marriages, the men are not the ones that are constantly trying to create fights, arguing, abusing the spouse, etc. Feminism has brainwashed modern women with man-hating attitudes, which is why modern women are constantly abusing their husbands, both verbally and even physically. It’s rarely spoken about in the mainstream media, but domestic violence where women are the ones physically assaulting the man are quite common. And in contrast, modern women can call the police and have her husband arrested due to the zero tolerance abuse laws, even if the accusation is false. As many men have found out the hard way, there’s a massive epidemic of false domestic violence (DV) charges all over the world right now, where women falsely charge men. This has destroyed the lives of millions of men, many of them who were completely innocent. And you wonder why more and more men are simply refusing to get married to modern women, or choosing to marry a woman from Asia or other non-feminist areas of the world?