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Just one last entry on Jenna Myers Karvunidis, from High Gloss and Sauce..

Article link here..So we have the Clayton's apology. That's the apology you have when not having an apology. What Karvunidus actually did, while being totally oblivious of, was denigrate all men and lobbed us all into being either pedophiles, rapists or child abusers, take your pick. It would not take much of a stretch of the imagination to determine that she did all three while at the same time making another privilege demand for her sex at the expense of all men..

Even when it was all explained, ad nauseam, she still fails to comprehend it, refuses to accept it and still attaches herself to that same tired old assumption that many self-centred, privileged princesses cling to without ever bothering to find alternative opinions or even spare some thinking time and maybe even realising that their sexism and bias belongs back in the 60's rather than today..

It's women screaming for extra privileges while at the same time demanding that the rights of men be reduced, which may not be a direct demand but it is definitely it's side affect. Have a look at the total lack of male teachers in schools today as a result of women, as well as feminists, demanding their "rights" and at the same time claiming that all men are abusers and rapists. They justified that action just like Karvunidis did on her anti-male screed. It is incomprehensible to me but not apparently to those feminist enablers that everything to them in regards to our sex is justified by claiming one sexist demand after another..

Karvunidis is really just another feminist enabler as well as a female apologist, while at the same time claiming to be ignorant of the bias and hatred men face daily. What level of ignorance does one have to possess to miss that unless it is of no concern or interest. Typically, she behaves as most women do and that is if it does not affect her directly then it is of no concern or interest. If it does not garner attention or warrant adulation from her commentators, it has no place in her psyche..

As JTO states in his latest article on Why Bother with Bigots..

Stated simply, ideology attempts to conform reality to a believed state of affairs, whereas philosophy tries to understand the world in its current state. Ideology is rigid, and once fixed on certain beliefs, does not change its stance respective to change in the surrounding environment.
An ideologue is nothing more than a practitioner of this type of thinking. An individual who begins all inquiries already knowing “the truth,” and shaping observations and facts to support their doctrine. This is why attempts at reasoned discussion with a majority of feminists is an exercise in futility.
And also the response by Paul to that so called apology from Jenna Myers Karvunidis which has the sincerity of someone being caught in a lie who found it necessary to cover her tracks because she does not want her "credibility" to be tarnished in any way. She appears to be one of those females who has never been told the word "NO" and is now faced with how to deal with it with limited knowledge and capacity. Sincerity not being one of them..

If she had payed attention to those posters who pointed out that her information was incorrect and biased, had posted an apology and published some real scientific studies which blows those feminist lying studies out of the water, proceeded to write to that sexist school and withdrew that sexist reaction that she instigated or demonstrated that she would make some attempt to do so with backup date then she would have not been placed on and this whole episode would just be another thought readjuster. But no, it had to make waves, abuse and threaten, lie consistently, claim the "I am just a poor victim" mentality and then when none of that worked, finally wrote a clayton's apology having the sincerity of letter from the bank about to foreclose on your mortgage..

An ambiguous apology, or just bullshit?

As anyone in the men’s movement not living under a rock is aware, there was a recent flurry of activity, not to mention anger, around a blog entry made by Jenna Myers Karvunidis on her blog space at In her article “Keep Dads out of Pre-school Potty Duty,” she had posted standard misandric fare implying that men, as a class of human beings, should be excluded from being in a bathroom with children at a preschool, as compared to women.
She was seemingly quite pleased with herself, celebrating an apparent victory in her own comments as she announced that the school had relented to pressures from her, and agreed to formulate policies based on her concerns.