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I find it totally incomprehensible that feminists can criticise women for being traitors when in actual fact feminists have crafted and created that same female right from the start. Not only have they encouraged women to originally "burn the bra", which apparently never really happened but was more inferred but have of late encouraged, enforced slut behaviour for all women around the world. Where do these hypocritical feminists get off ?
They have never ever recommended or suggested alternative behaviour, they have never recommended anything besides spending money and doing your own thing. They have indeed encouraged women to pursue a life of narcism and greed by demanding they be paid more than men which they do in most capitol cities. They have encouraged women to not want a man (like a fish needs a bicycle) plus instituted an unrelenting hate program against the only sex on this planet who can and will put up with their shit but the signs are showing that to be coming to an end. So really, what have women got to look forward to. To want to be a stay at home mother is history as far as the feminists are concerned, to be in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex on a permanent basis and not shagging oneself silly is frowned upon..

Lesbianism is promoted as being the right alternative and working 24/7 should be the aim of every woman and behaving like one, well, that's just not on. They hate feminine women with a passion..

I have yet to see ONE single feminist come out and say "this type of behaviour is bad for your health" or "you should not be screwing yourself silly because it will affect your health" or "abortions can psychologically affect you for the rest of your life" or " be a caring, loving human being and share your life with someone who cares about you and make it work otherwise you will be on your own when you get older"..

No positive advice or feedback is forthcoming from any feminist as they have demonstrated already how much they truly hate their own sex. No alternative lifestyle choices are offered because that would mean it to include them men, whom they loathe even more. But care, they do not, as long as their outcomes are reached, they will sacrifice their own with about as much feeling a farmer has when he crops his harvest..

Want a life of misery and hopelessness, become a feminist. It's their best advertisement yet..

Girls in the gutter and a betrayal of feminismBy AMANDA PLATELL
Last updated at 10:34 AM on 1st October 2011 

No one blinked an eye at newspaper pictures of semi-clad young women in the gutter this week — women who were bragging they’d ‘got wasted’ on £1 in Warrington.We have become inured to the sight of girls with their breasts tumbling out, their skirts so short they leave nothing to the imagination, and so drunk they can’t stand. In this case, they’d been taking advantage of a ‘Two-Bob Tuesday’ event at a pub, where shots of vodka could be bought for 10p. Even the scenes of them being pawed by strangers in the street seemed par for the course.Yet when you actually encounter this kind of behaviour, it is horribly shocking. Last Saturday night, I was in Liverpool — the 2008 European Capital of Culture — for the Labour Party conference. In the shadows of the Liver Building, I saw a group of expensively — but barely — dressed young women standing in a circle on the city’s famous promenade.
‘What’s going on?’ I asked. ‘It’s a p*** ring,’ one replied. She stepped away from the circle to show me what she meant. One of her friends had her skirt around her ears and was urinating in the street. It was 8pm.Later that night, I returned to the Hilton, the city’s poshest hotel, and another group of girls was sitting outside at the hotel’s alfresco tables, smoking and drinking.As I passed, one of them started shrieking that she needed the loo. She could have walked to one just yards away inside the hotel’s foyer — yet she decided instead to straddle the flowerpot beside the table, lift her skirt and go in full view of passers-by. She didn’t need to drop her underwear as she wasn’t wearing any.
All week inside the Labour Party conference hall, Harriet Harman had been championing women’s rights in the workplace, and Ed Miliband had been thinking of reshuffling his shadow cabinet so he could have more women on the frontline.Yet what is the point of giving young women like this more rights if they behave in such a way?