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This would be a prime opportunity for any Father facing the endless possibility of receiving a reaming in the family court by his vengeful and avenging ex. Fathers fail to comprehend that when he is served with the divorce papers his ex. has already sought the best legal advice available, mostly free to women only, and she has already spent the previous year, scheming and planning her move.

Men are fooled into thinking and believing that the woman who is demanding the action is still that same little sweetheart he met years earlier and tied the knot with..That concept has to be thrown out the door, broken into little pieces, piled on high and torched as that woman will now make sure that she will rape you mentally, monetarily and physically and spit you out when she is finished, she will take everything you have without so much as a backward glance or a moments hesitation..
If your believe otherwise, you are in for a major education as you will be dragged through the wringers in a court system that is specifically designed to favour women and women only..Word to the wise, go armed with the knowledge required to win, these courses are designed to do exactly that..

Self-represented litigant family law training courses

self-represented-litigant, family law, divorce, child custody, child supportThe Men’s Rights Agency periodically runs a course of weekly family law seminars, over 2 to 3 weeks, designed specifically to assist men who wish to represent themselves in Family Court, the Federal Magistrates Court or State Magistrates Court, on matters ranging from divorce tochild custody issues..
Everyone needs to understand the current family law legislation. Other topics covered include domestic violence, child support and defacto property law.
The seminars are conducted by specialist MRA lawyers in Brisbane, the Bethania Community Centre or at Southport.
Previous seminars have proven successful as evidenced by the number of fathers who have successfully represented themselves in court and in their negotiations with the other party after attending our courses.