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Perfecting the Scam..
Society appears to be of the opinion (feminist fed) that any male cannot resist any female when it comes to sex. Feminasties have for a long time promoted the male bashing, male hating mendacity that "all men are rapist" promoted by lunatic Dworkin. Sex, as far as feminists and society is concerned is continually on a male's mind which is similar to saying that food is always on a heroine addict's mind. The comparison is the same. The wish it to be the case. It's pretty difficult to think about sex when your one kilometer down in a mine or 100 meters below the water wondering whose meal you will be or orbiting in the space shuttle at 37,000 mph. I have heard that men think of sex from when they wake up and Percy responds this by saying that all he wants at that time of day is a cup of coffee, slice of toast and some bakky for his pipe and I quite agree. Jumping out of bed in the every morning, thinking about pussy has hairs on it and is definitely someone's wet dream and definitely not mine, the last thing I would want in the morning. Maybe it turns them on..

Meanwhile the new generation rears it head with observations that we were hoping to have eliminated before they arrived and poisoned by it. Unfortunately not the case as he will be out in this gynocentric world wondering how the bias and hate got this bad and how women are avoiding every which way, to be held accountable. This has been my observation for quite a few years and it's a shame that young teenage boys can already notice and witness it readily and witness it functioning openly and take an opposing attitude by admitting that their partnership days are over before it even starts..

So this article may come as a bit of a shock for those naysayers as if it was the first to ever appear..

LensCrafters Settles Female-On-Male Sexual Harassment Case

LensCrafters, the largest optical chain in the country, has settled a lawsuit accusing the company of allowing a male employee to be sexually harassed by a female co-worker. The company admitted no wrongdoing, but it will pay former lab technician William Sheard $192,500 and will start educating its employees about harassment against males in the workplace as part of the settlement.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed the suit on behalf of the technician in 2009, claimed Sheard fended off repeated come-ons from colleague Melissa Brandt in a LensCrafters store in Saginaw, Mich., and alleged that management ignored Sheard's complaints because he was a man being harassed by a woman.
"Sometimes people think that a young man -- well, they don’t believe it can happen to a man," Sheard told HuffPost. "They just believe every guy would jump on a situation like that. That's far from the truth."
According to the suit, Sheard started working at LensCrafters in 1998. In 2006, Brandt told him she wanted to have a relationship with him that was "more than platonic." Sheard declined. From then on, Brandt would reference sex acts in front of Sheard, talk openly about his body, touch and grab his chest and backside and tell him she loved him and wanted to have sex with him, the suit claimed.
At a holiday party in 2008, Brandt allegedly tried to grab Sheard's crotch several times, to the point where Sheard had to leave. After repeated rejections, Brandt eventually made a sexual harassment claim against Sheard, a charge she later admitted was false, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that LensCrafters management immediately investigated Brandt's charge while ignoring Sheard's.
Sheard repeatedly brought his issues to management -- at first the lab manager, and then up the company ladder -- all to no avail, the suit said. All told, the alleged harassment lasted for more than a year.
A few comments and examples..

06:53 PM on 6/22/2011
As a teenager and in my early twenties I was sexually harrassed by older female employees at my first 3 jobs.1. Paperboy: woman kept coming to the door in her panties.2. Grocery bagger: older cashier told me she wanted to sleep with me.3. Paint sales: woman sales associate kept groping me behind the counter AND another older manager woman told me "you have the kind of body any girl would love."
This stuff goes on all of time. None of it was that serious but don't pretend that men don't get this too.

04:36 AM on 6/22/2011
This happens to me almost every day only worse. Even if I'm in the front yard watering the lawn cars pull up and stop and some woman I never met wants to talk. I don't care, can't I atleast get the yard work done ? I'll be working somewhere and women there will be grabbing me, and I get away from them and then one of the older ones will punch me for no reason. Why ? Al

12:50 AM on 6/22/2011
No you are not wrong. You are absolutely right. Exception: If I wanted to keep a job, I had to sleep with the boss & she was built like a boy & had a face, well a double bagger. But that wasn't the really bad part. She wasn't a nice person. She was obnoxious but I needed to keep this really good job so I did it. I have had sex with 3 female bosses, two of them were good experience­s but the third was as stated. Of course all of this happened when I was younger & not old & ugly. I never sought a head doctor, I just sucked it up.