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It was not that long ago when the MRM was just a little noise in the background. That slight rumble one would hear in the distance, from some far away thunder storm over the ocean or that little noise you occasionally hear at night that made you wonder what it may be rather than have you reaching for the phone. A sound that was indifferent or mildly annoying and ignored. That was the MRM (Mens Rights Movement) only a years or two ago. It was a Chihuahua  (love these analogies) yapping, an obvious threatening spectacle that whenever sighted would produce laughter and derision instead of fear and angst, what are you going to do boy, attack my ankle and lick it to death. It was how everyone viewed the MRM, a noise with no bite and even slightly ineffectual. 

How things change. Now we have a concerted effort by a plethora of both males and females lining up to project and enhance it's affect, lining up as you would at the carnival to throw that ball to sink the clown in a tub of water. Everywhere, from an ever increasing range of sites and blogs to ongoing articles, posts, videos and MP3 responses that was considered unheard of in the past and only hoped for in the future. But take notice they did. 

Over the last six to twelve months, whenever anyone dared to attack anything male or mindlessly promoted that "sexist feminist female superiority message", the comments sections would fill with irate, informative, well constructed responses and arguments, none of which were responded to or could be argued against. As more and more witness the destruction that doctrine had introduced into society and the mindless ongoing efforts it's adherents and apologists continued. The greater to opposing force became. Their "over the top" demands and rants along with those unjustifiable demands started to fall on deaf and unwilling ears, the gloss was gone and the shine vanished.  All there now appears to be is excessive abhorrent behaviour which can only be interpreted as bordering on the childish and immature.. 

It would appear that feminists have come to the end of their deconstructed road that no one wants to travel anymore and now they are in damage control including a half hearted marketing effort  that no one really wants to hear. Too many people have been steamrolled by unjust laws and PC actions they introduced while a countless amount of people suffer the heartache and pain those unworkable and illegal laws have created. The longer it's experienced, the more pain and suffering it produces, the bigger the MRM grows. It's that simple. 

Feminists and feminism itself is the best advertisement for the growth of our movement than anything we could possibly conjure up. It is no longer the Hollywood standard response of "any publicity is good publicity", but in their case it's precisely the opposite. 
As more people realise, especially those who have fought to save their beloved country and sacrificed part(s) of their lives to enhance democracy and freedoms, they definitely do not want to see their efforts destroyed. The feminist hegemony has succeeded in reducing every possible freedom and liberty by reintroducing draconian laws that were removed for precisely that reason in the past, the Magna Carta is now but a dream..

Meanwhile as that movement demonstrates it's excesses we have the "new" breed coming through the ranks, these are those clones straight out of the deconstructed redesigned and manipulated college and university indoctrination centres produced as they try to introduce or create "new issues," but instead just demonstrate how late they have appeared into that dysfunctional morass. Trying their hardest to put their own stamp on their futile efforts as they were probably told that they are the "new"feminist version of the fourth estate, they were told that "they too, would change the world" and here is the best they can come up with apart from their usual mindless, repetitious and unintentionally recanting feminism's neurosis..
Feminists playing WGTOW or another endless whine..
So short are they on content they now use recommended options put forward by the MRM, to men, as being viable for their own. They have come a full circle and the MRM is now setting the standards and options as well as leading the discussion. Gone from being the chihuahua to a being a more realistic Doberman Pinscher. A more realistic image and a precursor for the fully grown BullMastiff it will eventually become, controlled and restrained ofcourse. Will not lick your hand but might think about it..

A little history on MGTOW.. 
Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) was introduced quite a few years ago and I was lucky enough to be part of the establishing founders of that terrific and workable concept and option for men. Basically, Men could finally consider taking their own path and doing what they wanted instead of playing the wage slave or the available ATM on demand, as was the case in the past..