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Steinem No1 Man Hater.
Gloria Steinem

The Colbert Report, another feminist enabler has no problem whatsoever entertaining the full-time man hater and feminist pshyco-babbler Steinem. Steinem is now in menopause which has always been the case as far as I can tell but does not mind relying on even manginas like Colbert to get some free advertising for another one of here self-promoting, feminist mantra-fied, male hating collection of drivel they now claim to be books these these days. An object they claim may have some educational purpose but ofcourse that does not apply to the Steinem tome as that would be more suited to a door stop or a fire starter...

Gloria Steinem came as close as it could get to an almost apology on one of the feminist enabler and  sycophant Colbert programs (third invitation to the program) by actually stating that "all we wanted was equality" in a voice that almost appeared as if it was coming from an actual human being. Steinem is one of those self-appointed bishops of that hate movement who's only claim to fame was that it could heap the most vitriol on the opposite sex (a precondition for the position of bishop)..

What amazes me is that these major institutors of that hate movement have slowly slid into obscurity, slowly slid back into their caves from whence they rose and pretend that all is either well or as some of their clones will endlessly state the "there's a lot more work to be done" epithet. A claim that only a feminist could make and still actually believe..
Gloria Steinem was financed during her startup of Ms Magazine indirectly by the the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation. [1] This was documented New York Times article in February 1967[1]. and confirmed by Henry Markow in a 2002 article called “How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society”[2]. Before becoming an icon of second wave feminism, Steinem was employed by the CIA to disrupt student organizations, and funnel information to her CIA handlers. During the time she was starting Ms. Magazine, she dated Henry Kissinger – a matter of public record.
Link to post.."Living the Lie"..

So what does Gloria Steinem come under, what type of human being is it actually if not just a CIA shill, demonstrating that money is above the moral imperative and propaganda above personal integrity. The women is a traitor to it's own people and a pretender who claims that her work was for "the good of all women" when we have already witnessed the fact that feminism is neither interested or even remotely anything else than a political ideology disguised as something else. A copy of the worst instances and guarantees that inevitable outcome predicted in the 1984 book that Orwell sensibly left us with. That outcome will appear under the same guise as previous dictators who have risen and it's up to us to ensure that their efforts fail and those responsible are brought to account and Steinem should be the number one on that list..