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Occasionally we have good news to spread and here is one such example from Fathers and Families fighting against a paternity fraud case in Orange County where they had to take on the state, not an easy ride as I have been part of an organisation who tried the same thing in the past with no success..

We have Naomi Wolfe, another feminist enabler, general liar and hypocrite arrested for exposing her boobs and dressing badly again, will she ever learn. Gee! at least accept the fact you're not getting any younger for crying out aloud plus her popularity is waining as well and I would imagine that it was her ulterior motive to being there. She wrote a book ya know..

The Russian News site is besides itself with old feminised propaganda that has already been refuted, dissected and tossed as being part of the feminist wish list which just simply will not comply, those bastards just won't go away, they just won't die..

It's a man's world, but maybe not for much longer. Scientists say males are on the road to extinction as their genes slowly fade away. And with the world heading for a fully-fledged sperm crisis, Russia could be affected worse than most.
The RT site is known for it's negative slandering of American society but this is a bit below the belt.  So once again we have to link to the facts that actually know what they are talking about instead of just making shit up to suit that lying doctrine..

The Y chromosome is not doomed, however, as it has developed protective mechanisms to ensure its survival. This is quite good news, as the survival of the human species depends on its existence. Scientists recently discovered that the Y chromosome has been making mirror-image copies of its most important genes – a mechanism known as the Y chromosome palindrome. A palindrome is a word which is read the same forward and backward: “level” is a good example. The Y chromosome palindromes contain genetic information reading forward in the first half, and then the same information is repeated in reverse. Essentially, this means the most important genes on the Y chromosome do occur in tandem: instead of appearing on two separate chromosomes, however, the information is coded within a palindrome on the same chromosome.
Y chromosome palindromes mean that the Y chromosome is well-protected from demise, and will probably not shrink far beyond its current state.
Well, that should clear clear up that mystery as I know some have been holding their breath and hoping for some result. And ofcourse cannot forget this one..

Chromosomes Are So 20th Century - Male Genes Really Determine Baby Gender, Says Study

Oh dear, that kills all those witless argument, dreams, wishes and comments made by gullible, pretend femi-bots that "women make babies" as if they make them magically appear without the assistance of such a little silly thing like say, sperm. Gee, who would have thought that..
We must not forget the "when battered women kill" (from AVfM) article where only women should and could be considered as being battered and at the same time they are not even held accountable if they were lying or exaggerating just to evade a sentence. That would be to much justice applied as far as the feminastie movement is concerned, they have already demanded that women not be held accountable for their actions regardless of crime committed. I was always of the opinion that that only applied to children in the past..

Now it appears to be a growing phenomena that women are lining up to give that hate movement a good old fashion rollicking they clearly deserve. Every time the feminastie movement has one member join it appears that ten want to vacate it's brain numbing tutelage and for good reason, sanity being the main reason..
These two girls just cannot resist taking a swipe at that hate movement..

And finally and not least we have to have that photo for the general good health of my fellow man as studies have already demonstrated that 10 minutes boob watching lowers the blood pressure and quietens the spirit..

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