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You know how women have generally demonstrated they are no longer marriage material (they should really just "Woman up"),by also demonstrating a few other obnoxious habits that will make them persona non gratia to just about any real men except those desperate pretenders, feminised manginas and other desperate fellows whose life's wish is to either end it prematurely or transfer some foreign unidentifiable bug to his own anatomy..
However that is not even close to what these darling vagina carriers are concerntrating on becoming. Nope, after relentlessly whining, harping and moaning about how life is just so difficult and how their lot in life is just so hard and how they face countless imaginary discrimination and just to finish that of they are just not appreciated enough and how they are now just so "strong" and "independent" they can now find their own way into prison without really trying..

 Gee, next thing you know we will have some documentary about women in jail where "Jail affects women the most", oops, they are working on that already eh!!..

The fascinating issue about this article is that it is actually released by Yahoo, can you believe it. AN article, critical of a woman, on a Yahoo site. Will wonders never cease..

Will the Pussy Pass work this time ?


Yahoo!7October 29, 2011, 9:20 am

A woman executive is facing a jail sentence after she admitted groping a male flight steward while drunk on a plane.According to The Daily Mail, Katherine Goldberg, 25, grabbed the cabin crew member's crotch after drinking a pint of whiskey on a Virgin Atlantic flight.Goldberg, of Ealing Common, London, was told by the that her attack was too serious to be dealt with by a magistrates’ court and she now faces a maximum jail term of 10 years. 
She pleaded guilty to sexual assault and being drunk on an aircraft at Uxbridge Magistrates Court.The alleged incident took place on August 24 on a Johannesburg –London Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600.South African Goldberg was understood to have been returning to London after visiting relatives and made "strong sexual advances" to her victim during the journey, the court heard."The defendant was drunk in mid-air and groped a male member of the cabin crew. She had made strong sexual advances towards the man during the flight. Goldberg then groped the groin and testicular area," prosecutor Kevin Christie said. 
According to The Daily Mail, lawyers for Goldberg, of Ealing Common, London, had attempted to avoid the charge going to court and have the sexual assault charge dealt with by a police caution.