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Dalrock has a rather interesting article concerning the standard feminist response regarding relationships and marriage. Yep, he heads down that path. He points out that farcical article where another may/almost/not sure/feminist drone claims to be quite content being on her own. As a matter of fact, did not mind it at all according to that article (previous post here..). It did start of some warning bells as I know that even at that age, she has no idea what it is she really wants, let alone making that type of broad statement which goes against millions of years of mating and sharing beds, So I figured she was just off-loading a ton of ignorant crap and that was actually the case.

The "bugger" moment came and I am annoyed because in some way you have had indications or read something in the past but it was still a "gotcha" moment. It's no company secret that women want relationships and anyone who states otherwise is either ignorant or living the great lie. It is their aim and goal to be accepted and to share life oor part their of, with a partner, but here is the kicker that I missed.
What is unspoken is that these women are holding out for a bigger better deal.  The longer they delay marriage, in their mind the more courtship they can accrue and the better man they can expect to marry.  Just because the idea is absurd, it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking this way. The only thing which keeps women from extending their search forever is the fear of losing the option to choose.
Who has the relationship issues now I wonder. We constantly hear the "men don't want to commit," until it sounds just like a buzz saw at high speed. But what appear to be the case is that it's her who is holding out for something better (in her fantasy mind). She has an imaginary prince tucked up in that grey/white matter she assumes will eventually turn up and all she has to do is hold off until that day arrives.
The only thing which holds this terror at bay is the expectation that the woman can get off the carousel at any time she wants.  So long as she believes that all she has to do to get married is click her heels together three times and say there’s no place like home and poof she is married, she can keep the terror at bay and feels safe remaining on the carousel.  Take this comfort away, and you are left with sheer panic.
It is that sheer panic that hits them when they reach thirty. It is at that time they realise that they are now fifteen years older than their teens and they have lived life a little or maybe way too much (feminists keep the delusional). Knocked back a couple or maybe just one guy who really rocked her socks off but now it is a different argument altogether as she has even more competition that she had at school with other desperate women competing for 20% of the available guys. Only problem being is that the alpha that she is hot for isn't gonna be buying her no garden with a picket fence or help rocking the cradle..

Realisation is a bitch. So what do they do now. The appropriate thing lately appears to be, either live in denial just like you are trained to do at the feminist's "lying and brain dead" centre or compromise and grab someone, anyone who will tolerate you and hopefully display some type of affection but you can have a good bitch about that later..
Thus begins the cultural exegesis of the Bolick article. Young women want “relationships,” but they want low-grade, low-commitment ones which are of uncertain futures. I think what they really want is the status of saying “I have a boyfriend,” which is a lower-grade version of the “I’ve been chosen!” thrill women get from getting married.
That comment from one of the readers is certainly very interesting and accurate. A lot more accurate than the crap feminists have been feeding her and her mother before her. That same lie has been floating around for so long that no one takes it seriously as women behave directly opposite leaving the feminastie movement so confused as they told them they "need a man like they need a dyke bike" and tried convincing them at the same time that "you are the product of your environment and NOT your sex" must be trilling in their ears as they read these type of articles and realise they were taken for the biggest ride of their life and the endstop is not where they departed from, it's unrecognisable and they will now have to pick up their own pieces cause feminasties aren't interested once you stop paying abeyance at their altar of delusion and futility..
Dalrock get the last words in and like a wizened sage, he lays the pearls at your feet. Ignore them at your peril..

Thats why women invented marriage 2.0. Even women who can’t attract the man they really want can still walk down the aisle and prove that a man was invested in them enough to publicly proclaim commitment for life. Then after a suitable waiting period, they can hit the eject button and walk away with cash and prizes (and perhaps children).
Of course even then they are back on the hunt for the man they really want to marry. The wonderful prince charming who for some inexplicable reason has yet to appear, but is aching to profess his undying love for her. Divorce porn doesn’t end with women living a carefree single life for a reason.
Just brilliant.. 

Link to post at Dalrock..