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This was originally intended to be a weekly/bi-weekly, monthly, now and again when I felt like it, round up of sites in the MRM. Not all mind you, as that would fill more than a few pages. Just a few..

We have had some interesting issues surface of late, most of it being the standard hysterics from femmie comments and the occasional matching hysterics from what are supposed to be grown up female journalists and researchers, but it would appear that they are still having problems achieving that aim, even in their 50's..

MGTOW blog has an entry on that tired and useless "wimmin are hotter at 30" fallacy from India for goodness sake (one billion people not enough), which feminists ofcourse need to promote and shove down everyone's throat. The princesses have decided that thirty was breedin time. The incubator has an automatic natural time limiting clock attached and at thirty, they are already 3 years past the premium use by date. But they persist and even now they fail to get embarrassed telling such an obvious lie. Next thing you know it will be fifty year olds being the new thirties, now whose gonna believe that..

The MGTOW forum threw their support behind the Dad who was accused of being a pedophile for having the audacity to take a foto of his own daughter under the assumption that his camera may have been a weapon of more destruction than the PC cretins who now work in shopping centres, thought possible..

The Hawaiian Libertarian has a good listing on how not only society is being screwed but men in the process as well.  Those ultra left wing weirdoes such as those "rentacrowd"bozos at the Wall Street sit in, not only stank up the environment but had their Seinfeld moment or would that be "much ado about nothing". Those clueless layabouts were protesting about something to protest about just basically caused humiliation did nothing to help our image or anything else. Their behaviour and responses were unmemorable and the smell, well..

The Elusive Wapiti points out that obnoxious load of roadkill and Uberfrau Rosanne Barr successfully completed it's hypocritical cycle by criticising those rich bastards and banks while she sits on a personal fortune over 100 Million dollars. Wow, that level of hypocrisy has to be learnt as that level of stupid,  one is not born with. Then again it would scare children and should carry a warning sign..

So an interesting week or so where Jamie Lee Curtis shunned the evils of feminism and Curry demonstrated hers. A Voice for Men offered up a veritable smorgasbord of interesting topics as usual and the most interesting as far as I am concerned was the addition of Bigot Marcotte on the site, recognising it for being the exact obnoxious man hater it is. Her efforts alone should set that hegemony back a few pegs. Finally ofcourse there was that excellent article on the World Net Daily's about the MRM, memorable because a journalist actually contacted the people of the ground floor instead of those useless feminised male imitators who claim they represent our movement. That was a really big occasion and just the start of something even bigger yet to come..

Join the winning side..

A final inclusion ofcourse will be the Hottie in double-vision....

Does my left ventricle look fat in this one or that one..T.Reid.