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It is blatantly obvious that "a women can do anything a man can", as feminists prefer lying about is such an obvious fallacy. A mantra that can now be placed in the "bullshit" folder and pulled out whenever one of their trolls or loser enthusiasts want to wallow in that area. The reason it is a load of codswallop is because when a female is placed in any service industry, rules and standards have to be changed to accommodate this weak, emotive individual, otherwise not even one would barely scrape in. Needless to say that not all men succeed either and that is why they have qualifying standards in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Fire Brigade etc..

The concept of applying standards would be to gauge whether or not you're a total moron, incapable of carrying your own lunchbox or one who would be capable of lifting a fellow human being out of danger. We have already witnessed the blatant sexism demonstrated against men via the PC methodology, just to install the privileged princesses who in most cases are about as useless as tits on a bull. Many times we hear of fire brigades being sued by the PP because they just fabricated sexism to receive a payout, or the female police officer who accidentally shot people, not once but on three different occasions or better still that security court guard, a grandma FFS, being relieved of her revolver by one of the criminals in a courthouse in the feminist epicentre of USA. My favourite scenario was the mangina working for New York City who organised for a fire truck full of women F.F. to arrive at the scene first, stopping other fire trucks in the process, to demonstrate just how "with it and hip" they were, that did not work out too well as they failed to rush into the burning building and waited for the men to arrive. What a farce and what a joke and people die in the process, Feminism is killing people but heh!, who is still surprised about that insignificant detail..

If you can find a female without attitude in any of those jobs they have been handed, well good luck, as I have run into two, one mechanic and one painter and both were not worth knowing..

So we have an expert firsthand witness just to explain once again why PC works so well and why everyone should really get behind it, so we can greet our maker or supremo earlier than planned..


On the other corner across the street from mine, was a woman about my size, 5’2″ and maybe 125 lbs., in full firefighter gear; hat, coat, boots, and air tank, none of which looked like it was made for someone her size. She looked like a five year old that put on all of her daddy’s work gear in a game of playing ‘dress-up.’ She was trying to pull the hose to the hydrant, and was struggling. It was twisting as she unfurled it, and no one was paying attention to her. (She kept looking down the other block at the rest of the men already on the scene) She then attempted to get the cap off the fire hydrant.

By this time, because it was almost a hundred degrees outside- and even though I was wearing a tank top and thin cotton summer pants, I was hot, and wanted my air conditioning. So I went back into my house.  I watched from a window, like a typical ‘nosy neighbor.’
She was frantic. Sweat was pouring off of her, and she kept turning around to see if she was being watched. I almost felt sorry for her. But I could not help thinking, that if my house was on fire and she was in charge of the water to put it out, I’d be royally fucked; probably burned to a crisp.
It turns out that the men down the other street had already hooked up their hoses to other hydrants in short order, and were minute-man ready for an expeditious need for it. This woman was ‘a probie’ and this was her first time out of ‘the house’ which was right down the block from me. Another tid-bit of all of this is; the smoking house having the problems belonged to one of their brothers. (a fireman that happened to be out of town, but because his street was sealed off when he finally arrived- actually did park on my fucking lawn…and is how I got the info on the girl later, because he knocked on my door to apologize)
I asked him about the girl. I asked him if she was going to pass muster. He said “Not a chance, but to be politically correct for a gender quota, we have to have a woman in our house.”
They left her there to unhook and roll up the hose with two guys and her truck. They did not help her. She finished up an hour after all of the other trucks were gone. I am sure I saw tears.
Some jobs were just not made for women. I would not want this woman pulling me out of a burning building. But feminist governance says that she is equally qualified, and demands that she be there through politically enforced blackmail. Since I have personally been in a house fire when I was a young girl, I have witnessed the brawn and brains it takes to do this job.
I wish that the asshole that said this woman had to be hired, had this woman answer the call to their own house on fire…with their children’s lives in her hands. Maybe then, the right man for the job would actually get the fucking job; gender quota be damned. Feminists that put lives in danger for their own self-serving agenda be damned.