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"Make it Up as You Go, Feminism". II..

Regardless of the fact that feminist adherers witness, read and believe; eat, breathe and sleep it, there will always be some individuals who wallow in some fairyland version where all is warm and fuzzy and their beloved version should be promoted to sainthood.  They seriously believe that the feminastie movement is really not that bad. They reason, because in their opinion, that movement may actually have an odd member or part time believer, who is convinced that it's for the equality of both sexes. The "make this up as they go", pound that hegemony mercilessly into an acceptable meme. Ignoring facts and previous atrocities as they never existed. Such as bomb threats, death threats, verbal and physical abuse and these are only what surfaced. They claim it also permitted both sexes to reconstruct themselves or some other inane fallacy that only makes sense to themselves. They are totally convinced that they are correct, even when it is clearly demonstrated beyond argument, that their movement is sexist, hypocritical and devious. To this caution, they just close their ears and refuse to hear it or read it and cannot even be bothered to check or research it. You can just imagine them sitting on the floor, in the corner with fingers in both ears "nah..nah..nah, I am not listening"..

Here is an example (no link as I would not give this commenter the time of day)..
In my experience, feminists are open to and aware of male victims of domestic violence. They're well aware of the social stigma their gender roles puts them in, and that there's little help. They applaud help lines for men. They hate how violent women are excused because of traditional gender roles.
I don't think there's a man-hating conspiracy even among this official feminism. 
What has it to do with "gender roles" is beyond me as that sex smacks and abuses just about anyone under any circumstance (sidebar videos links prove that beyond doubt -------------->). 
I fail to see why they would even try to justify this hate movement to be considered as even remotely benevolent or why bother to demonstrate there is an iota of consideration of either sex as their motives have already demonstrated that their aim and goals do not include anything else besides their female supremacy doctrine at the expense of men and boys regardless of the damage it causes society, families or individuals. The more money feminists pull out of the system for their own use, the less to go around for more important issues like Health, Education etc..The more they gain the more people die. A bit morbid but that's the way it is..

Response to previous comments..

"Your feminism" is not the feminism that is setting policy in this country.
"Your feminism" is not the feminism that is dictating the behavior of courtrooms across the US.
I get it.
But what we are saying is that there is a nebulous movement out there that also goes by the name of "feminism" that is causing untold harm to men across the US and several countries in Europe. This "other feminism" is supporting the concept of false rape accusations, hampering young boys in education, using flawed child support laws to keep men in poverty, as well as supporting quite a few other serious issues that bring harm to men.
Update..Feminists Bomb Store

How feminists tried to destroy the family

My fascination with this new movement lasted only a few months. At the huge "collectives", I heard shrill women preaching hatred of the family. They said the family was not a safe place for women and children. I was horrified at their virulence and violent tendencies. I stood on the same platforms trying to reason with the leading lights of this new organisation.
I ended up being thrown out by the movement. My crime was to warn some of the women working in the Women's Liberation Movement office off Shaftesbury Avenue that if it persisted in cooperating with a plan to bomb Biba, a fashionable clothes shop in Kensington, I would call the police.
Biba was bombed because the women's movement thought it was a capitalist enterprise devoted to sexualising women's bodies.
I decided that I was wasting my time trying to influence what, to my mind, was a Marxist/ feminist movement touting for money from gullible women like myself.