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Okay, no sooner have we finished a few articles across the MRM sites to point out the desperation level women have reached and clearly show how they really do not give a damn or any consideration to the real issues,reasons or the actual facts concerning the lack of relationships they are not enjoying. Along comes another female whiner once again trying to shame men by claiming all type of ridiculous psychological issues are invovled when reality dictates that today's men just do not want a bar of the "new woman". They find them to be too obnoxious and self interested to even consider to be a reliable partner..

Feminism's response to the "patriarchy" is to produce women who try to behave like men plus trained via their "women's studies" hate sessions to laothe and discredit all men and boys alike and then wonder why we just don't want anything to do with them and also demonstrate plainly that we clearly do not like them at all..

Gone is the feminine, caring female of yesteryear replaced by some imitator that is self-absorbed by greed, self interest and an over inflated ego that no room can hold. A senseless drone incapable of responsibility, honour or even dignity. A ghost impression of the woman past when they were human and not the machine they churn out these days. But it's their own choice and their own doing and they now need to face up to the fact that no one really wants to know them anymore..

So how desperate are they to get the lads back on the treadmill ?

Penny Young Nance.
Yes, men should man up, take on the responsibilities of an adult, get a job, have a family and be a contributing member to society. The benefits to being a married man are huge. According to Men’s Health magazine, have more sex, get promoted faster, and are generally healthier than unmarried men.
You can almost hear it screaming at the screen as desperation finally takes hold and fear spread like an early  autumn fog. The realisation that the pedestal now lies flat on the floor as she desperately tries to rebuild it with chewing gum and superglue. I am really enjoying this, I haven't had this much fun ever since I saw that feminist jailed for life on a genocide charge which ofcourse demonstrated how caring and sharing that sex really is..

Oh yes, and never ever criticise a woman regardless of the fact that she is the major culprit here but as usual they will first try every trick in the book to blame men and if that does not work they will find some other avenue. Pathetic or what ?
Working in an office full of women, many of whom are young, single gals, I hear all the time, “Where are all the good men out there?” Even in this post-feminist age of asserting independence from men and having both a career and a family, women still want their prince and these days, he can be really tough to find.
Where have all the good men gone? Obviously, no where near you lot..