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I do often wonder how women can and do make the claim that they are "strong and Independent" when they actually had to destroy the lives of men to achieve that but never once mention it. The endless cauldron of women stating how superior they are in their own minds is indeed never ending and it would appear that their delusional attitude will be around for some time to come. Forget the fact that they had to change society while they were at it and then bemoan the fact that everything they promoted and acted out was not really what they wanted. There are even the odd few who have demonstrated some regret but they are not over enveloped by their ever inflating ego and so few a number as to be negligible, so few that a maths calculation would have to use way too many zeros to entry in it's final result..

So, how did that sex actually achieve that outcome and how valid are their boasting rights when one has a look at how they went about it..

1. Females changed the education system and curriculum to their own advantage by using their normal thinking processes and behaviour to be calculated as being an educational standards and were granted rewards for doing so. Their normal penchant for talking everything to death was deemed to be an educational plus and were given passes for just doing what they did naturally..
2. Feminists ensured that the majority of students at college and Universities were females by falsely claiming that they were being held back and introduced positive discrimination for women only, which explains why the majority of students are now females. They ensured their rise by ensuring that every possible assistance be granted to females by forcing all educational centres favour women whenever any awards, scholarships etc. were awarded. They ensured female inclusion into the educational system by ensuring a forced method of promotions for females only..
3. In the work place the same attitude was fostered. Females would sue at the drop of a hat if they perceived any possibility of "discrimination" existed even though in most cases it did not exist at all as those same standards were dealt out to men without complaint but women wanted special treatment and got that via copious court appearances and forced public humiliation and denigration on the company or business involved. They would protest to get their own way and every time they did, more and more men were replaced, sacked and replaced by those privileged princesses..
4, Women demanded special treatment every where else. Their own Health departments, their own multi billion dollar programs for women only and every time another new women's program commenced, it  disallowed any other programs to commence for men or children due to lack of funds..
5 Unemployment is now rife with men being the majority, an enough of the majority for it to be renamed a mancession. Meanwhile women suffer no such thing as their often useless positions in education or government offices were kept even at the risk of running the country into bankruptcy..

So there are just a few examples of the truth about the female rise to power. Not via ability or experience but via coercion and threat, via favouritism and largess. All at the expense of men and they now wonder why men are opting out of a society, a society who apparently refuses to realise that they even exist or are just fodder to the female ego, female avarice with that associated self congratulatory air that has become so insufferable as to be toxic and to be avoided at any cost.

So the next time you read or see those words "strong and independent", it should put a smile on your face and a slight shake of the head should follow as you incredulously, finally comprehend what that statement actually means, who has paid for it and how superficial that whole argument is as it echoes into emptiness and falls on deaf ears..