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I typed in that acronym into Google just a few minutes ago and noticed not one single mention of Mens Rights Activism on the first page where it should be in my opinion. As activism and activities grows and that acronym spreads across the web, we should at least ensure that acronym is recognised for it's original meaning and intent..

For an MRA like myself to state what it is we do or what we stand for is fairly obvious but after reading comments from the latest Bigot inclusion on site, she stated in one of her comments that she did not know what an MRA was, this comment should be taken seriously as this knowledge would indeed stop any future misunderstanding and would definitely put all those male hating feminists and their enablers on further notice. So in reality, how do we go about expounding and expanding the MRA name and mission..

This entry will ofcourse be a start as the Net is now the number source of information as people move away from the MSM as they witness their efforts are either political or promoting their own agenda. Sites such as this and many, many others that we rely on for information has been our mainstay for years as we have learnt to trust that information and tested in it against others to ensure that information is correct or at least appeals to our own sense of reality, morality and common sense..

So what does an MRA stand for ?

This next article should go along way in explaining what ails our society and also what a massive effort we will have to generate to overcome the standard misandry that these female artists introduce at the expense of all men. If you are pissed off after reading this article, then it would be safe to say that you are an MRA right now or will be one in the near future..

Let's see..

Article here. Excerpt:
'So go the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson recent Top 20 hit, “Mr. Know It All,” the lead single from her fifth studio album, “Stronger,” which dropped on Oct. 21. Another song on the album, “Einstein,” has a chorus that goes “I may not be Einstein/But I know dumb plus dumb equals you.”
Depending on your point of view — and perhaps your gender — these songs are either female empowerment anthems or male-bashing songs. Whatever the case, this mini-genre has become fashionable among female artists, with songs like Pink’s “U and Ur Hand,” Orianthi’s “According to You” and Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” all becoming big hits in the past few years. Vibe Magazine’s female arm, Vibe Vixen, even put together a list of “The 45 Greatest Male-Bashing Anthems” — and that list didn't even include any country songs (like Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”).
But according to Glenn Sacks, a men’s issues expert, the lyrics of songs by Clarkson and others are indicative of anti-male stereotypes found today in sitcoms, movies, and commercials, where men are seen as inept and foolish.
“I think it speaks to something larger in the culture,” Sacks said. “Where the man’s always wrong the woman’s behavior is never examined. I always found ‘Womanizer’ to be ironic because Britney had been married and divorced multiple times and is nobody to be pointing fingers about womanizing or being promiscuous or whatever.”'

Link to site.. 

While you are on the web, wait a few hours for the search engines to pick up this post and punch in MRA and see what comes up. Search engines are primarily designed to show your preferences on the first page, so it s difficult for me to get a proper perspective as I have used other computers logged in by other users which gives a different search outcome. Let me know if it comes up on your request in the comments section. Thanks..