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Slutfest apparently broadened someone's mind but the width requirement was just to much. Just like every other sane person would have asked "WTF" are they doing if not demonstrating precisely that the original suggestion was totally correct. Dress like a slut and you will be treated like one, guaranteed. I fail to see any disparity between the actions of delusional feminists and the sane suggestion of the much maligned Canadian police officer who is now aware that no good deed goes unpunished. He may as well stated that they should not play with crocodiles at the zoo wrapped in tuna fillets and that would not be affected by the way they're dressed..
The feminist response to the cops statements was a "slut walk": a self righteous egregiously crass posturing of what women now consider a "right". How funny that most of the time, women--feminists particularly---complain about being objectified and wanting to get recognition, only to completely go back on themselves, change their feral little minds and engage in such ostentatious displays of their own unrealistically high self regard.
Yeah I know, feminists have a lot of explaining to do and if they start now they would finish just in time to christen the new century.. 

Well, good thing Zanbato writes and explains it all so nicely.. 
The article itself is particularly well written and is an apt response to the selfish whining of a girl who didn't understand the implications of walking down the street--yes, a public space, little girl-- in her bra.
Basically this is what happened: Dumb slut attends a "slut walk" and decides, on likely an emotional high full of exorbitant feminist choler and misguided anger, that she's got to be the one to take things a step further. So in response to her own volatile (and as you'll see, highly transient) emotional state, she strips down and bears a whole lot more skin than she'd probably normally be comfortable exposing in a public place. This was doubtlessly done in the interest of being swept away in the "power" of the movement; the ubiquitously childish sentiments shared feminist hordes manifesting itself in an ugly mob procession through city streets. (This also furthers a personal belief of mine that women are particularly susceptible to the mental paralysis and divesting of personal choice and responsibility that groupthink and mob mentality entails.)

After the fact? Dumb slut (of course) regrets stripping down and looking like a slut. (Maybe somewhere in the back of her little zoological brain, she realized how stupid it was to get caught up in the mob mentality, and that no, nobody gives a damn about why they're parading through the streets dressed like sluts; most people are just thinking: "What a bunch of sluts!") Anyway, in her moments of remorse, she decides that she'd rather the small time newspaper published by the local campus take down pictures of her "bearing her body".
What she fails to realize is that her trivial insecurities are outside of the objective scope of the media. She fails to realize that the importance of the documentation of the news by the media far outweighs her own petty personal narcissism. And through her asinine inability to grasp larger concepts by which the media abides (regardless of how small a scale it operates on), she feels she has yet, another right: She feels she has the right to demand pictures that *gasp!* depict her only in a bra be taken down, because they were published without her permission!

The article that responds to her selfish demands is written in the didactic tone of a firm, but gentle parent, explaining to a pouting child that no, the world does not revolve around them. Although it tends to ramble about other things that aren't pertinent to this particular discussion, I'll cut through the jumble to get at a memorable and effective quote intended to stymie the childish and vain indignation expressed by the bra-wearing-slut:
"If you march down a main street in a bra, the media will take your photo. If you lead a march protesting violence against women, you will get reporters asking tough questions. It’s naive to expect otherwise. Welcome to public life."
Essentially, the author shuts her down and makes my point clear-as-a-bell. The media is here to take the information out in the world, regardless of how ugly or unappealing it may be, and provide it to the masses. (Sometimes that can be subject to befuddlement by political agendas and the like, but that's another story altogether.)
In the case of a small university newspaper that nobody outside the environs of the campus really gives all that much of a f*ck about, this is no less true. The information the Dalhousie Gazette provides the public is objective and partial to no one--that's what news should be.
Unfortunately, the bra-clad slut, the clueless self-aggrieved bimbo wielding her own narrow-minded notions of self-entitlement, the lovely example of whats wrong with women today that she is, didn't realize this simple fact. She'd rather the media bend over backwards, change standards and customs as old as printed word itself, and accommodate her own self-absorbed vain emotional demands, as if those demands matter to anyone other than her and some seething cabal of feminist c*nts!
Can you believe this? 
Link to article in small country newspaper..