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It makes me work better..
I have always found it fascinating where women are of the opinion that the law or the general consensus on good behaviour does not apply to them. The privilege princesses believe they are exempt from all judgment as they should be allowed to do whatever they want or do whatever "turns them on" without suffering any criticism or consequences or accountability, even in public office, it's not a word in their vocabulary..

Add to that equation, honour and dignity, two words also exempt from that same vocab.
State attorney who 'moonlighted as a dominatrix at S&M parties' resigns saying that bosses did not understand her private life.
The fact that copious amount of males were screamed down whenever they demonstrated anything similar, appears to be irrelevant. To send a photo of oneself to someone else without a shirt on is apparently a sackable offence but not whenever there is a female is involved. She can send any picture to anyone and the receiver is guilty of whatever they decide, just to ruin their life. What happens to the female sending that provocative boob flash, normally and usually nothing. The hypocrisy introduced by feminists that women should not be held accountable has leeched through to those ignorant childish individuals like that slow dripping faucet, unrelenting but building up until that sink overflows. It is not their problem obviously. They demand to behave like children and demand it to be sanctified and written in stone. We are facing the situation where an entire sex demands exclusivity and exemption from common law and indecent behaviour, feeling it to be just about the right thing to do as feelings really only matter the most. I have a feeling that they will actually achieve their aim as the childish part of that demand has already been granted..

A New York lawyer accused of being a 'dominatrix' has quit her $79,000 job as an Assistant Attorney General after she said that her employers did not understand her private life.Alisha Smith, 36, who allegedly turns into 'Alisha Spark' at night was suspended last month after it was claimed that she took money to whip and spank clients outside her day job.Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing her, yesterday said 'She's dominant in her private life,' but denied claims that she had taken money for her work.
'She feels it makes her successful as a lawyer,' she added.Attorney General's officers employees are prohibited from taking $1,000 from any other source.
Smith was investigated after a source told the Post that she is known to wear transparent skin-tight latex outfits with heart-shaped pasties while she is performing.'They pay her to go to the events,' a fetish source told the newspaper. 'She dominates people, restrains them and whips them.'Smith had denied that she was ever paid for work as a dominatrix.