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Get your own..
Personally, I am past actually giving a damn but one does have to wonder how desperate these women are getting when even 18 year olds are cruising the internet to find someone who will squirt some ejeculate into a foam cup just so the princess can fulfil it's dreams..Selfishness does not even begin to describe any part of this narcisstic behavior. What are these girls thinking that they can exclude the Father from the childs life and be fine with it. Do women honestly believe they are not just following theirown needs rather than considering the needs of an unborn. This will indeed go belly up as stats already indicate what happens to either sex if and when the father is absent but apparently all that is just irrelevant as long as she get to fulfil her natural tendencies which the feminasties have always denied even excists..

The action for this type of behaviour is all in it's justification..
Research shows that between one to two per cent of patients at licensed fertility clinics are below the age of 25, but the number of adverts suggests that the number using unregulated channels may be much higher, perhaps due to the cost of fertility treatment, which can run in to many thousands of pounds.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has expressed concerns over the practice of online sperms as there are legal implications like - the man's status as the father cannot be waived outside of licensed clinics and there are also health risks because sperms gained over the internet cannot be screened.