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Feminists have used this meme in order to interfere in your daily life by shaming, coercion, threats and suggestion. One personal issue they were committed to fight against was the "Stay at Home Mom", as if that had anything to do with them at all, it was basically none of their damn business what decision you made in your private life and should be able to do so without interference from those buch of people haters. They spent years denigrating and humiliating them every which way they possibly could. As far as the feminists were concerned, they were traitors to the "cause" and demonstrated that on a daily basis. The fact that women are at their happiest in that situation was totally irrelevant. They  were just not doing what they were told and that was the only provocation they needed to make your life a living hell if you were to pay any attention to their lunacy.
The other issue ofcourse was that you were happily ensconced with one of them men whom they loathed even more and that was totally unacceptable as well. The family unit had to go and both of you would be sacrificed so feminism could achieve it's goal of a gender war and separate husband and wife as early as possible. A very good start would be the "no fault" divorce laws which paved the way for a quickie, over in no time, toss out that partner who for some reason was now deemed irrelevant. Surprisingly, I have yet to meet a female who was not still in love with their ex partner even though she had made the decision to end the relationship. I have yet to meet any female who has had an easy transition from divorcee to re-married in short time unless it was previously planned and created the original reason for the split..

Destroy marriage and promote single mothers to live off the state..

When you look at the ever increasing level of single mothers you can see just how affective they really have been..

From PC.. Here's some more evidence to support the obvious impression that Feminists are separatists at the core. Equal -shmequal. They are matriarchal and the modern day equivalents of Sappho, Hippolyta and Diana.Sperm Banks and Cloning Play Right into their hands in much the same way DayCare Centers do.Here's a quick and concise summary of one of the earliest articles of faith and dogma expressed by feminists: 
One of the great insights of second wave feminisms was the recognition that "the personal is political" – a phrase first coined by Carol Hanisch in 1971. We meant by this that all our small, personal, day-to-day activities had political meaning, whether intended or not. Aspects of our lives that had previously been seen as purely "personal" -- housework, sex, relationships with sons and fathers, mothers, sisters and lovers – were shaped by, and influential upon, their broader social context. "The slogan…meant, for example, that when a woman is forced to have sex with her husband it is a political act because it reflects the power dynamics in the relationship: wives are property to which husbands have full access" (Rowland: 1984, p. 5). A feminist understanding of "politics" meant challenging the male definition of the political as something external (to do with governments, laws, banner-waving, and protest marches) towards an understanding of politics as central to our very beings, affecting our thoughts, emotions, and the apparently trivial everyday choices we make about how we liveFeminism meant treating what had been perceived as merely "personal" issues as political concerns

It's clear to me that ... aside from Communism ... feminist theory is influenced heavily by cooking techniques; like improvising your own recipe for tuna casserole. Their argumentation is fraught with lasagna-like mixtures of ideas and concepts that permit them to play bait-and-switch whenever they debate you. Like a salad bar, they can pick and add anything they want to their desired taste, You go personal ("You're full of shit!"); they go global ("That's misogynyistic!). You go global ("That's an obvious canard."); they go personal ("My but someone is threatened about his masculinity!"). ..
Every debate with them is like playing three-card monty with the guys on the street corner or trying to discern under which walnut shell the pea is. .Maybe this is the reason for it - they can switch between personal and political without considering themselves to be making any kind of change at all.
If "the personal is political", how does that jibe with paying your bills on time or maintaining good personal hygiene, fixing a flat tire or grabbing a quick burger after class? Feminist thinking isn't intellectual at all. That's part of their overall pretense. Deep-down, they are anti-intellectual. So why are so many of them college professors?