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Start em Young and train them well..
The "move along, nothing to see here" appears to have gathered momentum as a saying of late on the big, wide, whimsical, web. I like it, as it implies that big momma is trying to hide something which they do not want you to see or witness. The feminasties ofcourse had this saying down pat when they first commenced their "mein campf" version of indoctrination of the sheeple, they too were interested in commencing, promoting and finally guaranteeing that "the female sex vil be superior undt betterer than ever before". Feminists were so convinced that they could sell this and educate the world on how superior the female sex really is, in no time flat, they were already eyeing off potential sites for the Goddess statue and temple sites. But there was one tiny little oversight that they failed to take into consideration as those type of people do whenever they live in a fantasy dream world. They forgot a little fact that apparently everyone alive had already known for a lifetime plus had first hand knowledge and experience with the topic at hand. The general public were basically more knowledgeable and conversant on this issues than they were. Specialised experts so to speak. So the spin would have to be fabricated in such a fashion as to not be factual or verifiable..

A fabulous example of this folly women themselves were more than happy to swallow was the "multitasking" lie, a lie so well presented that the wrong sex were the most gullible in accepting it as it appealed immensely to their flailed egos and shattered delusional outlook, it became a catchphrase to them. I would come across it at work and public/private functions and they were so besides themselves with joy and self congratulatory praise and were so totally convinced that it was true, it almost broke my heart to tell them the truth. Actually, it didn't, I gave it to em! straight, untainted and the result was like watching them swallow a dose of ipecac fluid, it was like watching Hugh Grant in the chapel in "four sentences and a hole digging",  erm, "Four weddings and a Funeral" when he was banging his head on a column and saying "Bugger", only that word just did not do it justice as was the case right there. I got the more argumentative "you don't know what your are talking about, finger in the ear, na na na na na, not listening attitude!". Many studies later, the poor dears who had once argued their own superiority via their own biased viewpoint, now walk around, shattered, gazing at the floor, stumbling about like they were in the dark, put on a brave face in public, sometimes even crossing the road when they see me coming as a repeat performance of the dose is just too hard to stomach, fantasy was a lot better than non-fiction. The bastard, no good deed goes unpunished.

So the search for some other imagined "superior" trait is on but they have already tried so many and the only one that remained was the " we can talk at 8,000 - 15,000 words per day, bet you cannot (nah, nah). No, you're right, congratulation, that prize you can have as I prefer a bit of peace and quite now and again..

Move along, nothing to see here..

I came across an article on the web, on one of the sites I frequent daily, came up with the acronym of AFALT (All feminists are like that) which rather appeals to my sense of humour and the need to fit the feminastie movement into a predetermined little box to be referred to at will where all and sundry will automatically understand the meaning without explanation. FALT, being a reduced version would also predicate it's inevitable meaning..

Or the ever tempting NOFALT which would be more appropriate as "Now Only Feminists Are Like That". It may catch on, who knows..


Found the AFALT site which turns out to be the excellent Counter feminist site by Fidelbogen..