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As a matter of interest, Blogger has introduced a new set of themes and templates that will, in their words, "enhance the users online experience". These new templates comes in a series of 7 different variations and leave the users to decides which view is best suited to their taste. I have already applied a few variations to my other blogs.  This new concept requires some assessment and testing in order to reach a decision regarding their use and whether or not these new options will be advantageous to this blog or indeed a hindrance..

Have a look at these three different examples. I have set them up to open in separate tabs..
Australian Misandry ..Flipcard
Women in Charge .. Mosaic

Saving Boys Raised by Single Moms ..Magazine

As you can see it's several different user selected, viewing options and I have set each of those to different display views. Have a look and let me know..

The issues that arise are the following -

1. The new options do not allow the inclusion of sidebar links and display only a generic view which would apply to any blog that applies them. Some variability is available such as colour, font etc..
2. There is no room or indication that any logo can or will work in the header option or in the sidebar as those options do not exist.
3. The counters in the new templates counts the numbers of pageviews instead of the number of users hits to the site as the current counter does. This option would probably increase my average count by at least a minimum of five which would set it at over 6 million hits on todays numbers so that alone is very tempting as I have already witnessed an incremental increase on those changed blogs..

I will not be making any decision on this for a while as I will use the watch and see principal and hopefully Blogger will make the appropriate adjustments that will suit me and this blog instead of the other way around..