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Your body, your decision, right ?
Like a previous "world domination" dictator, demanding a superior aryan race, feminism decided that they too wanted a superior female sex but the end result was nothing short of dissappointing. They won't do as they are told. unleashing women has only unleashed their base instincts and behaviour which is directly opposite to the wet dream wish feminists had in mind..

There is, apparently, a difference between manipulating DNA to achieve that result or just imagining it to be true. Femmies have been fawning over the superiority of women ever since they introduced their "stats by design" expert reports to point out that the girls were actually, well, different. Who could argue against that. The repeated assaults were dramatised by the onside mass media with theoretical imaginations designed to demonstrate exactly where those speciality genes and dna enhancements were..

Ironically, feminists have also argued that both sexes are the product of their environment and there is fundamentally very little difference between the two. Hypocrisy much ?

I will have to dregg the history a little to find their illogical claims as all were clearly demonstrated to be a figment of their imagination except one. The one ability that has escaped argument and discussion (well, not really) is the fact that women do talk more but verbal diarrhoea does not a communicator make. So the "World's Greatest Communicator" got it's assessment as femmies were indeed making all sorts of claims regarding that enhanced ability. It forced the science boffins to poke and prod for evidence and promptly released studies to demonstrate that it was just another unfathomable assertion with no grounds in reality for the assumptions they were making. Verbalising every issue and act, during one's day (sleep time was excluded as boffins wanted to be present, teddy and all), does not indicate either an increased level of intelligence, ability or better communication techniques. Basically, when faced with verbal barrage, one's brain just shuts down and wanders to that little creek in the paddock which is your "safe zone" to combat stress and strain, just like your therapist told you to..

Femmies were not happy lying about just one imaginary trait, they had to invent a few more. The next one was the "Supermom", this one came about because femmies were slanging mothers like they wanted it out of fashion and have obviously succeeded. Supermom was their capitulation to the howls and screams the moms raised in the media and feminasties relented as they were making enemies of the sex they were supposed to be supporting. Studies now reports an increase in illnesses, psychological issues, health issues and exhaustion as outcomes of the "Supermom" indoctrination methodology and do I have any sympathy for the suckers who fell for that load of cobblers, guess. Even today that support relies totally on the politics of the female, Palin, Whitman, etc.(Palin is toast) are good examples of what happens if you got a job but your politics is wrong even though you are a member of the same sex. Femmies don't care about women more than their doctrine and politics. It's what they have always done..

So we have "Multitasking" which we have done to death already on this blog and it is really is too boring going down that same pathway again, it's probably flooded by now..

So there are just a few example on how comprehensively feminists lie and how totally fooled the female sex is and how ready that same sex is to jump aboard any indication that there may be something somewhere that will elevate that deflated ego after it has been walloped and knocked about by life and it's endless demands..

Next time, hopefully, you and others will not fall for the great con just because it appeals to the ego..
Feminism is akin to those emails you receive from Nigeria where you are promised a lot for little input but end up getting screwed..