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Well, at least we did not get the lame excuse we got from some other poser. Demi's solid rebuild only cost her 226,000 pounds apparently and now complains bitterly that she cannot find work in the feminised capital of misandry, Hollywierd Hollywood and that's just terrible. After continually denying the fact that she is the result of a highly imagnative cutter and that people generally, probably not women, are sick to death of all that fakery, would prefer the real thing instead of obvious plastic implants or other re-adjustments just to get more attention than usual. How many times have you read about a female tossing in a relationship after a new boob job, which he paid for, as the extra attention waxes the female ego like it enhances the finish on your new sports model..

Well, it's desperation ofcourse, no one is as desperate for attention than a former face on the big screen and it's not getting any younger either. Then there is that endless claim of pending divorce which has been running rampant for the last couple of years while married to metrosexual and full time wimp Kutcher. But that could just be a plan to promote his inclusion into the two men etc. program. Be okay if it could possibly grow a decent stash but even that is a problem and so could being married to mommy create an image issue..
My apologies for exposing you to this crap (I thought it was funny) but it makes an almost change to the usual topic..

Please donate hair for new almost mustache..