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Well, it's that time of year again where we have the usual "women are better/different drivers" ego trip and once again they will inevitably fall on their own petard. This appears to be an annual event where the frail female ego must once again be foisted on high and lavishly lubricated, pretend that once again, their mysterious maudlin, meddling, motoring mediocrity comes to the forefront and be recognised for precisely how interesting it really gets. But try they must, as their position on that imaginary self-constructed pedestal is now at stake and she will not be moved, without fuss or bother. About standard behaviour I guess. I think though, she may have won again this year..

Here are just a few examples that you may have witnessed or ignored, whatever the case may be..

Women Drivers..

And there's more, sheer determination pays out in the long run..

Oh lord, won't you fly me a Mercedes-Benz

PAULINE Grodski's motoring acrobatics stunned a quiet suburban street yesterday.
Awed neighbours suggested it was an award-winning stunt.
"I think the driver deserves a medal to get a Mercedes on two wheels like that. I don't know how it happened," said Malvern resident Ed Waters.
Elizabeth St neighbours heard a crash about midday and saw Ms Grodski's Mercedes-Benz perched on two wheels astride a parked Astra sedan.
Ms Grodski was apparently reaching for her lunchbox as she neared home and couldn't say how she'd suddenly turned half a cartwheel.
She was unhurt and quickly clambered from her car.

"I'm still here so that's good," she said. "Things are going well."
These result were derived from a report that department made national rates for male and female drivers and if you have a look at it, it's nothing more than a grand scheme advocacy program for women. The entire report is just hundreds of pages of useless academic PC speak that muddles each and every result as much as it possibly can without actually stating any specific result. So one had to surmise and calculate the possibilities from some of the facts in the report. But it was worth the effort, the more they tried to hide the facts the easier they were to find..

Women Drivers: Hidden Health Risk To Men 
Women drive only 30% of miles driven but are in 37% of the fatal accidents
Scientific Evidence that Men and Women are Designed Differently
How drunk does a man have to be to drive as dangerously as a sober woman?
Answer: seven drinks. 
Clues that NHTSA is too much of an advocacy organization to trust their conclusionsThe dramatic difference between men and women in hand/eye coordination suggests that women drive far fewer miles than NHTSA estimates.
Women pilots have a crash rate four times higher than men pilots.
Women truckers have a crash rate six times higher than men truckers. 
NHTSA data suggests that women drivers are only 70% more likely than men drivers to have a fatal accident. 
NHTSA data suggests that a man who drinks and drives increases his probability of having an accident by 4% and ignores that sober women drivers have a probability of having an accident equivalent to that of men drivers with a BAC = 0.12.
Their data suggests that If only men drove: 
Traffic accidents would decrease only 22%.
Only 9,159 lives would be saved each year.
Only 330,000 lives would be saved over the next 30 years.
Only $44 billion per year would be saved in crash repair costs.
Their data suggests that if only women drove:

There would be 23,879 more traffic fatalities each year.
There would be 7,674 more women killed each year
(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)