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Here it tis.........

A good friend of mine who is also a single Dad related what happened when his ex-wife reappeared after 9 years and tried to regain custody of their son. Over a few pints Kurt detailed how his ex-wife came back and tried to gain custody and support payments after being gone 9 years with absolutely no communication between her and their 11 year old son. 
Shortly after their divorce, the ex-wife fraudulently sold his vintage ’57 Corvette by breaking into his house and meeting the buyer outside with the title and keys. I know the car well; Kurt and I restored it from the wheels up. Kurt got his Corvette back, the guy who got suckered sued Kurt for theft by swindle, and the case was tossed because Kurt was a victim in the crime too. Kurt’s ex-wife disappeared and moved to Nevada with her new boyfriend and $27,000 in swindled funds.
9 years later, Kurt’s ex reappeared and took him to court to gain custody of their son and get support payments started. In the 9 years since he was divorced he went from being a body work technician at an automobile repair center to an owner of 2 body repair shops and a custom performance exhaust shop.
According to Kurt, the court amazingly was ready to grant his ex-wife custody and start child custody payments, even after 9 years of her absence with no contact whatsoever with her son.
At this point Kurt was laughing so hard that the last swig of Porter he took foamed out of his nose, quite hilarious actually. His ex-wife had forgotten about swindling the dude who tried to sue Kurt over the Corvette. There was an open FELONY arrest warrant for her.
In court, 2 sheriff’s deputies arrested Kurt’s ex. There were some more charges she was arrested on:
  • Credit Card Fraud – She opened up several credit cards after taking off under Kurt’s credit, claiming they were still married. (Felony)
  • Identity Theft – She stole his identity and used his credit to open up credit cards and get an apartment in Reno, Nevada (Felony)
  • Wire Fraud (Felony)
  • Flight to avoid prosecution for the grand theft by swindle case with the Corvette (Felony)
  • Breaking and Entering for the purpose of theft (Felony)
  • Damaged to private property in the commission of a crime (Felony)
  • Narcotics possession – She actually brought a bottle of Oxycontin (not her prescription) in her handbag into court! (Felony)
And the final kicker: She had an open warrant for not paying child support for 9 years. You see, Kurt filed for child support after his ex ran off. 
The DCS knew where she was, where she worked, but didabsolutely nothing to garnish her wages or get Nevada law enforcement involved.