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Wolfe in 2007..
Feminist drone and all round hypocrite, got itself arrested for failing to follow police instructions when she was told to move on.  As one of the "leaders" of the hate movement that is feminism always go out of their way to be role models as well as criminals. This just demonstrates once again that being normal or human does actually require some effort. Wolfe wrote some insignificant drivel that somehow sold a few copies as it was declared by the "girls club" that it was required reading because it made some obvious breathtaking issues about the beauty industry. Feminists hate the fashion industry as well as being the sex they are..

From the look of the photo to the right, it obviously does not exclude herself from the use of the products or the fashions. Neither did she have any issues living off it's profits..

Wolfe often criticised girls for dressing inconveniently and showing too much skin and thereby declaring that by doing would promote themselves as sex objects, gee eh!. However, Wolfe appears to be of the believe, as all self elevated feminists demand, that the sheeple should do as they are told and no do what they do..

I am at a loss to explain the slutfest mentality when one of their own suggested and promoted otherwise. But what would feminism be without hypocrisy..

More on Wolfe on the following ink..

Naomi Wolf: The Aging Denialist..

There always appear to be some mangina around who will put up with this privileged princess..

Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest in New York

She was detained after ignoring police warnings to stay off the street in front of the building and where a crowd of about 50 Occupy Wall Street protesters had gathered.
Wolf had been at the event, hosted by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington and attended by a number of celebrities, including the reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who was presented with a "business leader" award.