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The endless claim made by the MRM (Mens Rights Movement) about the deep seated, unrelenting and neurotic loathing feminists have against Men and Boys surfaces quite clearly when one has a closer look at the sexual Assault and Abuse industry. An industry as such, is reliant on endless government funding and that funding is achieved via a plethora of shoddy, biased research and the ongoing effort of concentrating solely on females as the only victims and men as the only perpetrators. It would be without doubt one of the biggest scams this world has witnessed this century and possibly even the previous one before that. Feminist researchers in the 80s and 90s were only ever concerned with the plight of women at the expense of everyone else including children ofcourse..

Women who sexually abuse children
Prepared by: Frederick Mathews, Ph.D., C. Psych.

In PDF form for download..

Because women were the early advocates in the abuse field, much of the writing
in this area reflects a women’s point of view and a predominantly gender-based
feminist framework for analysis known in general terms as “patriarchy theory”
typified in the work of Herman (1981). In this theoretical view, abuse,
particularly sexual abuse, is the result of a “patriarchal culture of male power,
male prerogative and male inclination to sexualize all relationships” (Hyde,

But it also makes some assumptions about men as a group
that, upon close scrutiny, are biased. Male victims are beginning to challenge a strictly gender-based view of violence, victimization, and power relations, because their own lived experiences teach them something very different.

And there are other problems. The embellishment of patriarchy theory evident
in the quotation from Hyde is biased in the way it generalizes a negative
stereotype of “male sexuality” to all men. Most men are kind, decent, caring
husbands, lovers, partners, colleagues, fathers and friends of women. Men’s
sexuality varies as much as women’s.
Feminists do indeed have a lot to answer for as it is that same feminist hegemony in Canada that tried every way possible way to shut down the Mens Rights Movement for no other reason then exposing the truth about the lies, exaggerations and bias they were introducing into the sexual assault and sexual abuse industries,,
Their response is unrelenting as efforts were made to try and level the playing field for men were met with the usual hysterics they introduce whenever any efforts are made, regardless, stop any studies or research which would benefit men and boys and claim those to be catering to the patriarchy or claiming bias or even hysterically claiming that in doing so would lesson any research already undertaken for women. These claims so far have been very successful in ensuring that no effort or funds are allocated to enter into any research for boys, from birth to puberty. Meanwhile those biys suffer needlessly as professionals require specific training to deal with issues specific to boys as they are different from girls and face different issues altogether..

Abuseby women, and research must be undertaken to identify
similaritiesand differences between men and women offenders
-especiallywith regard to the motivation to abuse, the
selectionof victims, the efficacy of treatment, and the
propensityto abuse again. Despite the feminist tenet "No
penis,no harm," clearly sexual abuse can no longer be
consideredthe exclusive preserve of men. I
Consultant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Up until this point, very little has been done as far as I am aware ad it would benefit boys, parents and society in general to undertake a full and complete as well as a comprehensive re-analysis of research already undertaken. Meanwhile we still wait for that to be the case..

MaleVictims of Sexual Violence

ChildAbuse Prevalence Rates in Canada by Gender
29 000 000 Canadians
14 500 000 @ 33%
14 500 000 @ 50%
4 785 000
7 250 000
Apologistshave sought to show that women who sexually
abusechildren usually have some psychotic illness. Yet in
Faller'sstudy fewer than one in 10 women were psychotic many fewer than in anearlier study by Mathis, who found thatall mothers who abused their sons were suffering from apsychoticillness.6 In her study of 21 women perpetrators of incestMcCarty also found a low incidence of psychosis,3 while Krugfound no evidence of psychosis in his eight cases.