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MLK spoke to a society who had so far had refused to accept people for who and what they are. The Men's Rights Movement speaks for ALL men and boys regardless of colour, race, religion or sexual preferrences. Fight for those who have been vilified and degraded to the same degree that MLK sought to end.

One Does Have a Moral Responsibility to disobey "Unjust Laws" and those laws will not change while society and political parties continually pay homage to those instituted, unjust, biased laws that targets men and boys as criminals plus maintains the misandry and anti-male sexism at the same time. A practise they so proudly claim as equality. Keep voting them into office and you are silenty agreeing to misandry and anti-male bias, keep quite and nothing will change. The status quo is to ignore men's and boy's issues and sweep them under the carpet. That one single attitude or behaviour has been used to curb and limit outcomes just as the chilverous mentality allowes people in charge to just ignore the demands of the MRM to be treated equally..

It will be the situation where the turned phrase of "You are either for us or against us, but get out of the way" has to be the battle cry that will eventually witness a changing tide of well meaning and confused individuals to take the claims and aims of the MRM seriously..

We are here to stay and we will never give up until our aims and goals are met. Jump aboard or get left behind..