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I did at the time I visited Lynne Featherstone's (another lying feminist) site, tick the "send me comments" square so I have been receiving over the last few weeks some responses and I am glad to see that the comments have increased and the level of debate against this shrew, this harpy, has included some recognisable names. For all those who joined in, my thanks indeed. It is a bit of fun and demonstrates quite clearly to the feminist that we aren't gonna take it any more..

Here is a quote from Lynne Featherstone's site and she appears to be of the opinion that none of the other morons in her cadre have not tried to pass this bit of blatant drivel and outright lie before..
Because right now, rape and domestic violence are a higher risk for women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, traffic accidents or malaria.
I could not resist a response because she is such a lying beyatch bitch that I could not allow it to get away with it.. 

Christian J says:
4 October 2011 at 12:40 pm“Lynne Featherstone
Because right now, rape and domestic violence are a higher risk for women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, traffic accidents or malaria.”
Heart disease – 16%
Cerebrovascular disease – 12.9%
Flu/pneumonia – 7.9%
Alzheimer’s disease/dementia – 5.2%
Chronic lower respiratory disease – 5.2%
Lung cancer – 4.9%
Breast cancer – 4.5%
Heart failure – 3%
Colon cancer – 2.7%
Urinary diseases – 2.5%
These are the lastest stats. I could find but it states something entirely different to what you claim Lynne..
You must show me where those false stats you quote come from one day..

Featherstone (it's all men's fault) is another one of those recalcitrant feminists, like Maureen Dowd (Are men necessary) whose world view consists entirely of their own narrow minded, delusional outlook,  contaminated with and by that doctrine she wallows in and tries to spread to a public. Failing to comprehend that same public is just so sick to death of lunatic feminist rantings, it is now become an actual sporting event to ridicule and belittle their endless wailing and chest beating behaviour. Thank goodness they don't tear off their tops in angst and resignation like the actors do in the middle east, that would just be too much. Slutfest was enough..

I am thinking "Fox Hunting" a guide to future activities as this would be enjoyed immensely by the ladies as much as the same who had booked and enjoyed the front row view in Paris during the guillotining of all those recalcitrant members of royalty, guilty or not, didn't matter. But our activity ofcourse would be more controlled and regulated to ensure that only the prime examples of the feminastie movement would join in a sunday of festivities and frivolity..

They, the feminasties would be required to be dressed in some type of animal uniform, I am thinking  fox as that would be in keeping with the theme of the day and it would make a sight, long tail and those funny pointed ears and don't forget the little button nose. They would be released, allowed to escape, leave at a preset time while the master of the foxhounds would summon all and sundry for a toke of golden nectar or some such to warm against the bracing early spring, crisp morning. The sun just cheekily surfaces as the mist rises from the lake. The hounds would be muzzled ofcourse as one never knows what one could catch from a feminist besides abusive behaviour..

They would be given a starting chance ofcourse as we could not be so inhumane as to treat them as they treated all men and boys. So, where was that Napoleon again, getting a bit chilly I am..

We waited a little longer, with visions of Feathers and Dowd stumbling down the Glen, still fresh in our minds eye. Amfortas, resplendent in his polished riding boots and red, hand tailored coat, points to the lake and I noticed dinner rising, leaving little ringlets as they lunged at insects floating on the lake's surface..

The trumpet sounded and we were off...