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A Cult -

a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

Feminist Symbols - The Uterus Flag..
All the trappings of a Feminist cult are there for all to see and hear. They have their own self appointed bishops, an appointment that relies on just one single issue and your attitude towards "them". Bear in mind also that not one single individual placed one single vote or was asked a single opinion or question regarding who had the right to become a bishop of the church of feminism, it was just assumed by the lack of rejection rather than one of having ability, knowledge or comprehension of the real world. No, it was just whoever was the most vitriolic and made the most inane and unintelligible statements and comments.

Their houses of worship were spread around the country disguised as "Women's Studies" centres and "Women's Shelters" as they were part of spreading the word plus responsible for actively increasing the membership. The Grand Cathedral was located at the headquarters of NOW as they would constantly inform the flock, the sisterhood, what road to take to reduce their level of grievance and how to go about blaming all and sundry on one half of the earth's population while decreasing their own accountability..

Their psalm book was designed for mantras, these Vedic hymns were to serve as constant reminders.  Why the sisterhood had not reached perfection and ofcourse, they could quiet easily remember each line and use them to ensure that everyone on this planet was made aware why their sex were not running it..

The feminist equivalent of the jesuits were sent far and wide across the oceans to ensure their cult  spread to all countries, extolling the benefits in such a way that it would almost sound reasonable but after the new adherents enlisted their training regimen were increased to ensure their attitude and mindset were akin to the bishops. They were informed they must carry out the prophesy and edicts the elite passed on as holy writ and no one was permitted to question or ignore it as that would be regarded as sacrilege, with the outcome being banishment and humiliation..

Special indulgences were given to specific people and corporations in return for their assistance, funding and financial support. Anyone deemed necessary was given carte blanche to behave any way they wish, a fine example would be Bill (I did not have sex with that girl) Clinton and also Obama after he installed their new religious leaders in the White House for guidance and support..

In the Feminist Religion there is no need for repentance or atonement as both are viewed as negatives and would demonstrate weakness. Their main aim is to rid the world of 90% of half of the population regardless of discomfort on their part or any discomfort on their members not that that is any consideration. One of their Bishops has decreed this and it should be carried out.

The rituals of the Supreme Power of Feminism are obvious as it is demonstrated daily. Condemn all men, blame all men for your current and past situations, condemn their ancestors as well. Convince all the sisterhood that they would be better off if this world was gender-cleansed of their presence, ensure that by their annihilation, their lives would improve dramatically while women control the world..

Wasn't there a dictator about seventy odd years ago who stated those same objectives ?