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The endless, unrelenting attacks on man and masculinity is reflected daily in sitcoms and movies. This endless attack by feminists has been ongoing for the last 40 or so years and has now also been adopted by the advertising and fashion industries. You would have all seen those stomach churning commercials where hopeless, incapable and juvenile men are endlessly shown by children and their "executive" well dressed and successful wives, just how totally incapable they are of even minor activities, let alone be trusted to do anything important..

This is the image projected to society by feminists and their ilk, so affective has this effort been that society now appears to be totally ignorant of and so blaze about it, that it is becoming the norm, the standard. Mind you though, do not even bother to criticise one single female otherwise there will be howls from offended individuals including white knights and feminised manginas (males supporting female superiority) who would never express anything similar in aid of their own sex. The hypocrisy is complete as well as rampant. As with all things obnoxious and derogatory, the usual these wise words apply, "evil will succeed when good men do nothing"  and that is the case at the moment where humiliating and denigrating all man is just an expectation regardless of the fact that the majority are respectable, caring, hard working members of society but that apparently stands for nothing anymore. The assumptions, hysteria and lies favoured by the feminist movement has filtered through to boys  regardless of age and it will be their generation who will have to carry that burden as they get older if we sit on our hands and ignore it. Do nothing..

Link to male studies.. The reason the term Men's Studies is not used is because feminists have registered the name and trade under it in the hope and aim of turning men into mindless, capitulating wimps to be trained and used in the service of feminism and as tools to be used by women (both meanings)..

New York Times Article..

Male Studies vs. Feminism
Feminism gets in the way of the study of men, some scholars say — hence the new Male Studies Foundation, which sets the subject apart from feminist theory.
Education | The academic gender wars got a bit more spirited last week, Inside Higher Ed reports, with the creation of the above-named interdisciplinary effort, announced at a conference at Wagner College on Staten Island, to study malehood in all its power and powerlessness. Quote:
Lionel Tiger, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University, said the field takes its cues “from the notion that male and female organisms really are different” and the “enormous relation between … a person’s biology and their behavior” that’s not being addressed in most contemporary scholarship on men and boys.
“I am concerned that male-averse attitudes are widespread in the United States and that masculinity is becoming politically incorrect,” said Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of “The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.”
The culprit, said Dr. Tiger, is feminism: “a well-meaning, highly successful, very colorful denigration of maleness as a force, as a phenomenon.”