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Oh yes Michael Flood. I have had a few episodes with Flood in the past and especially on the "Dads on the Air" forum when he had the temerity to try and justify the male hating and father hating comments, articles and statement he has made.
This is not the type of being that you would imitate or admire as he is not only a male feminist but is of the worst kind. A deceptive individual who hides behind the claim that he speaks for the Men's Movement which is ofcourse a complete farce but it does demonstrate what level he will sink to and try to destroy any opposition to the male hating doctrine he adheres to..

Meet Michael Flood -- Anti-Male Scumbag

Here, in case you are interested, is the face of the enemy. This is Michael Flood, one of the top dogs of the pro-feminist men's movement in Australia.
Pro-feminist men's movement is what they call themselves, to distinguish themselves from the pro-male men's movement. But their self-appellative is a contradiction in terms as much as "three-sided quadrilateral" would be. These dudes are more accurately styled the men's auxiliary of the women's movement, and believe me, if you are a healthy, self-respecting male of any kind then they are NOT looking to do you any favors. They are, I conclude, jockeying for a kind of "male house nigger" position under a new regime that will crystallize in the course of economic realignments. They are also, as a group, marked by neurotic personal issues of one sort or another, which specifically lead them into poses of self-loathing, sycophantic servility toward women, and toward feminism in particular. So it should come as little surprise that guys like Michael Flood are keen to either recruit other men into their cult, or to stab them in the back.
These chaps are subtle, sensitive crocodiles in touch with their feelings, so I am pretty sure that most of them know how to cry. Do they need something to cry about?
Needless to say, they are more evolved than you, more gentle and intelligent that you, and so they would never practice violence against you except by writing books that slander people such as yourself, by engineering the culture against people such as yourself, and by securing the passage of laws that would make it harder for people such as yourself to live freely and happily.
They also have an inherent criminal streak which, given pressure or opportunity, finds its way to the surface. Two or three years ago, I introduced a case in point known as Kyle Payne -- and his story is well worth reviewing.
But let's stay focused on our man of the hour. Michael Flood, the bloke we are presently discussing, has displayed his "crime jones" in something you might loosely call e-mail fraud. Except I don't believe his actions in the event were covered under applicable statutes -- it was more like a gross violation of trust. And so he didn't land in the pokey, although I wouldn't mind seeing him there. At any rate, his behavior was backstabbing in the first degree, as witness the following:
"I just want to preface this excellent article with our own experience with Michael Flood. He has on a previous occasion mis-represented himself as a separated father in order to unethically and fraudulently gain access to our resources that we had struggled to make available for the benefit of distressed fathers.

"He then proceeded to misuse these facilities and send out offensive letters in the name of Fathers4Equality to every member of the Australian federal parliament, in an effort to discredit and undermine our efforts and reputation.

"We conclusively tracked down this misuse of our facilities to Michael Flood, at his campus office at James Cook University. We then contacted him and confronted him with this misuse of such important resources for separated and distressed fathers.

"He initially denied and refuted his involvement in these bizarre actions, but in the face of overwhelming evidence he finally accepted that it was his actions, and his alone, and he apologized for these unethical acts.

"It actually beggars belief that this man is supposed to be an impartial professional researcher in this very important field of gender equality, and yet he has behaved in a way more akin to a professional fraudster.

"It goes without saying that anything you hear or read from Michael Flood should be seriously questioned, if his history of deception and fraud is anything to go by."
Remember, this is standard feminist behavior. And feminism's current power and stature is built upon the back of precisely such behaviors repeated time and time again for many years. Feminism would NEVER have gotten where it is today without that steady progression of lies, lies, lies, and more lies -- stone upon stone, brick upon brick, layer upon layer.
Anyhow, the foregoing citation was simply the introduction to a long and unflattering article about Michael Flood, at the Australian-based Fathers4Equality blog. I hope you will take the time to read this article: