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You know how those radical feminists imagine their Utopian dream consists of a world without a male around, except for breeding purposes and you know how they imagine life will be that great and all so wonderful, that they just about wet themselves thinking about it..

You also are well aware of the fact that those nasty feminists have been claiming that they "don't need no damn man" rants and actually believe that without even bothering to further that claim by finding some island to escape to and put that claim into practice, you know, THOSE hollow claims..

Here is a little description of what happens when the privileged princesses are left to their own devices,  encouraged to create, work together and compete with the lads to show how things are really done, you know that "Grrrlpower" thing. You know, like in real life..

If you are wondering where any examples would be regarding the harmonious living that the opposite sex enjoys when they live together, have a look here, but be warned, it's not for the faint hearted..

I must say that I can vaguely remember something being mentioned about it in the past but did not see it.

Survivor (US TV Series) had a season of men versus women

This was about 7 or 8 years ago, but Survivor (the reality TV series where 16-20 people are dropped in the middle of nowhere for 39 days and have to survive without modern comforts) had a series where the two tribes were separated into all female and all male tribes in the Amazon jungle.

It's hilarious to watch because the women start off saying it's going to be great, the men do too, but the women prove to be utterly incapable of surviving on their own. Some examples of what happens:

Electing/appointing a tribe leader: Men, day 1. Women, day 10
Build a shelter for the tribe: Men, finished on day 2. Women, still unfinished and sleeping on the ground on day 10.
Number of tribe members who refuse to do work and sleep/talk all day: Men 2 out of 8. Women 5 out of 8.
Morale after losing a challenge: Men, dented but still united - no big fights. Women, distraught and degenerate into a shouting match with one woman literally wailing for two days that people aren't "respecting" how upset she was.
Camp atmosphere: Men: friendly, relaxed, jovial and upbeat. Women: tense, anxious, negative and bitchy.
Treatment of the deaf person: All but one woman ignores and excludes her, all the men change their habits and behaviour to make sure the deaf woman doesn't feel left out.

It's full of many other great moments like three girls deciding they weren't going to do any work at all because... well they weren't too clear on why they shouldn't have to work, but dammit, they were sure it wasn't right that people were expecting them to do things. Others saying they have no idea what to do because their strategy in playing the game was to use their bodies to manipulate the men and it just won't work on the other women! Also a whole tribe of women freaking out over what to do about a spider (and no men to save them!) while the male tribe never had an issue with spiders worth mentioning.

Considering how pathetic the women were at actually surviving I can understand why they've never done this again. But it makes you wonder how the fairer sex would ever hope to get by without men.