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Just another endless example of the high moral standards that the females bring into the population. Complete with examples of mindless violence and creation of mayhem. These talents are ofcourse unrecognised by the abuse industry, the family courts and the judiciary as they always seem to find way to exempt them of their murderous and abusive tendencies..

The automatically claiming that only males are capable of any wrongdoing is witnessed daily as they ignore and even encourage this level of violence as slut feminists just sit back and live in denial as well. So what level of abuse and violence do women have to undertake for it to be even recognised as such and when will we actually see any justice applied for their abusive behaviour..

Watch this spot for as long as you like, as that will never happen..

They never do anything wrong, ever..

Woman shoots mum, abducts her newborn outside health clinic in Texas

  • Mother shot dead outside pediatrician's office 
  • Woman shooter snatched three-day-old baby 
  • Mother then hit by vehicle as shooter fled the scene

A WOMAN shot and killed a mother before abducting her newborn baby outside a health clinic in Texas. Kayla Marie Golden, 28, had taken her three-day-old son for a checkup at a pediatrician's office in The Woodlands, 51km north of Houston, when she was shot outside the clinic, the Houston Chronicle reported.
Authorities said Golden was seen arguing with another woman who then pulled out a pistol and shot her several times.
The healthy infant was found about six hours after the shooting, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said.
Ligon wouldn't say where the infant was found, but he said the baby was being reunited with his father.
A person of interest has been detained, though no charges have been filed, Ligon said.