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Zapped: A new therapy for prostate cancer claims to target tumours more closely, resulting in less damage to healthy tissue and reducing the chance of side effects 

Sound wave treatment zaps prostate tumours without debilitating side effects in 9 out of 10 sufferers

By Jenny Hope

Men with prostate cancer could soon be offered sound wave treatment that rids 90 per cent of sufferers of the disease, while doubling their chances of avoiding debilitating side effects.
The therapy closely targets tumours, causing much less damage to healthy tissue than conventional surgery or radiotherapy.
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is already used in some NHS hospitals and private clinics, often to treat the entire half of the prostate where the cancer was situated.
Now this particular disease in one of the major killers that governments world wide ignore as they tend to spend copious dollars on anything to do with the privileged sex.  It has been the case for the last forty odd years and nothing much has changed. Maybe we are not screaming enough and throwing fits in the street, just to get the appropriate attention. Then again, we are way past that level of childish behaviour but it has worked well for others ofcourse..

Apart from this marvel of modern technology that will save thousands of lives is by the wayside as a comment posted with this article was one of interest as it was another one of those nasty little comments that we have come to expect from those hate movement enablers..
Prostate Cancer - twinned with Man Flu. Another waste of precious NHS resources that could be better used elsewhere.- Aileen, Harrogate, 17/4/2012 13:24
Now just a few words about slut feminists. One has to wonder what it actually feels like to be a slut feminist ? 
Apart from apparently having an unrelenting and inane ability of wishing people dead or removed from the planet or reduced via eugenics. How could any individual actively support such a movement and still consider themselves to be a rational and stable member of the human race, even to being or claim to be a cogent member of society. 
In the past as even now, these type of people would be regarded as being downright promoters of violence, deliberately promoting hate and spending the majority of their time trying to convince other members of society that a membership in that hate organisation is nothing like belonging to the KKK or the Red Brigade or even other lunatic organisation, who are of the opinion that violence and hate is the only way to succeed with their inane and murderous aims and goals..

That is exactly what one promotes, one encourages, fosters and nurtures being a slut feminist. If not to elevate this type of behaviour. Being a slut feminist is to be that type of individual. Is that what life is all about to you ?
 The other issue that that comment demonstrates is how much they do not give a damn about females either. Wishing someone's husband, father, brother and any other male relative to die, shows how much they don't give a damn about women generally. They wish pain and suffering on all, that  is what that comment infers and it is beyond comprehension, wishing that pain and suffering on their own sex. It shows exactly why we can make the claim that the slut feminist movement does not give a damn about anyone or anything except promoting their own selfish agenda but not giving a dman about who it effects, male or female.. 
I do on quite a few occasions, point out the wrongdoing and bad behaviour of women, as that has been deliberately ignored and hidden, swept under the carpet as victim-hood rides supreme. I know for a fact that these reminders causes a lot of hand-wringing and hopefully so, it balances what the MSM ignores. But I would never propose or suggest that any harm or violence or anything physical against any female, as that is not what this is about, I would cheer the proven charges on any lawbreaker, that's why we have laws..

But being a slut feminist is to promote violence and hate and wishing that an entire sex to just die by any means and in any way, does demonstrate precisely what a sick and demented organisation those women rare really involved with and anyone associated with that sick mentality should be embarrassed at being aligned with it. That is if you consider yourself to being a normal, sane, sensible and compassionate member of the human race, that is..
What I cannot understand either is that there is supposed to be different level of that hate movement, who claim to being associated with variations of it, like "gender feminist" or "equity feminist" or "lite feminists", but they have never stated any resistance or discouraged this type of people hating. They have never once raised any objection or spoken out against this obvious obnoxious behavior and that speaks volumes about them as well..

It demonstrates that they are a party to it..

But there is hope as I would have expected and was not disappointed..

I can assure Aileen (and any men who are wondering whether many women hold this view) that most women will push to get men's problems treated; they love their husbands/partners and have no wish to be widowed.
There we go, nice..