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Everyone would already be very aware on how information and statistics can be manipulated quite easily as we have seen feminists demonstrate that quite clearly. Not only can those statistics be adjusted according to the theory, it can also be adjusted either up or down depending on the particular angle of propaganda they want to promote..

Marriage figures appear to be one of those suffering from that effort at the moment, as even now, after decades of following the stats, I have not got any idea of where it is all heading. Every week we read about those same stats going either up or down. We read that people are not getting married now but just shacking up or we read the opposite and told that, no, they are getting married in increasing numbers. Way too confusing..

Marriage is coming back into fashion.

Resurgence of marriage: After an official report showed married couples are happiest, weddings are on the increase

  • In 2009, number of weddings was lowest since Victorian age
  • But boom in 2010 saw 8,657 more walking down the aisle
  • Before that the popularity of marriage had been on the wane since 1972
  • Two out of three civil ceremonies are now held in stately homes
By Steve Doughty

Last updated at 7:35 AM on 1st March 2012

Marriage is coming back into fashion.
After 40 years of decline, the number of weddings has risen by 3.7 per cent in a year.
Analysts believe the recession has caused a return to family values and a desire for the stability marriage offers.
Bliss: The number of marriages leaped by 3.7 per cent to 241,100 in 2010 (file picture)
Bliss: The number of marriages leaped by 3.7 per cent to 241,100 in 2010 (file picture)
Data released by the Office of National Statistics showed there were 241,100 weddings in England and Wales in 2010, the most recent year for which figures are available.
This is 8,657 more than in the previous year, and provides welcome ammunition for campaigners who are trying to push David Cameron into keeping his promise to give a tax break to married couples.

Now I have no issue with people getting married but I do have issues regarding the laws that apply to it. I don't think that the state has any right to interfere with the marriage contract as it is between two people and not between two people and the state. The other issue is ofcourse the blatant bias and sexism involved in marriage breakups, where the privileged princesses always walk away with their suitable paid hourly rate for the inconvenience and that hourly rate depends on the wealth of the husband in the majority of cases. We know that Paul McCarthy's Ex was paid 4,500 dollars per hour for her having to suffer that indignity, so it is well worth the while for females to seek to wander down the isle and pursue that reduced carbon shiny stone associated with it..

The above graph just goes to demonstrate precisely what I have been saying. Have a look at the rates back 1910 where the marriage rate was huge in comparison to today. But the article suggests that the marriage rates are just up there with it. They are booming as far as they are concerned. However they failed to mention the opposing numbers that so of hits that total for a six..

 Number of divorces
The number of divorces in England and Wales fell by 6.4 per cent in 2009 to 113,949 compared with 121,708 in 2008.
Lets do a little calculation here and find out how many actually stay married in that year ?

The difference between marriages and divorces in 2009..

Which leaves the total at 118,494 marriages in the balance and now compare that to the total for say, 1910 and what do you arrive at, yep, marriages are definitely booming, ....right....!!!