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Having to put up with the endless bragging from feminists and their lackies about women achieving more degrees at Universities plus the false claim that men are being left behind because they are not even bothering with education, as well as other slanderous ego enhancing misinformation they can think of to malign our sex..

I noted that a week or so ago, someone posted a list of applicants to the St Louie University which demonstrated that males students were rejected by a ratio of 2 to 1 in order to fill their privileged princess quota which government grants rewards. So we had 7,400 males apply with 4,500 females for a total of 7,000 students and out of those amount the 56% female quota was filled with the balance of 44% going to male students. This the end result. The sexism and bias at every University is clear and plainly noticeable..

So those women bragging about any achievements by their own sex is just laughable as they are automatically given a free ride through University plus handed the majority of scholarships and any monetary inducements available. The sexism and anti-male-bias at Universities can easily be demonstrated as we have this glaring and obvious example from the feminist controlled Harvard Uni..

..thought you guys might like to see this. I was reviewing a grant application to the National Sience Foundation for Harvard when I cam across this little gem..
Well, it seems I can't upload the file, but basically it says in the body of the application that "the university has a strong policy for promoting gender equality", and that "when selecting the PHD student to carry out the current project, female students will be encouraged to apply" and that 'female applicants are given priority"
Thats' Gender Equality? not in my book.


A comment from one of our followers which once again emphasises the blatant sexism that is promoted as equality, is this.. Women are "more equal" than others

National Scientific Foundation is big on gender equality.

"“About 80 percent of engineers are men.”
“Yet fully half of the recipients of the NSF engineering grants in 2004—
when $541,700,000 was handed out—were women.”

and delusional idiots.
November 05, 2011